Monday, December 23, 2013

Latest from ATF's F Troop press flacks: We didn't do anything wrong and we promise never to it in the future.

ATF officials defend agents but open door to new training


Anonymous said...

quote:"U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) said ATF must be "held accountable for these reports through strenuous congressional oversight."unquote


Says the clown in the middle ring of Ringling brothers Greatest Show on Earth.


Senator Dimwit's in the wrong occupation.

johnnyreb said...

Actually, it should read..........
We didn't do anything wrong. If we did, you can't prove it. And besides, we didn't mean it. And we'll never do it again.

Oh yeah.. and YOU'RE A RACIST!

SWIFT said...

ATF spokesperson, Ginger Colbrun, is a scum sucking, immoral, night crawling, low-life, piece of shit! Denying that the ATF targeted the mentally ill, in the face of a mountain of evidence to the contrary, shows she'd do ANYTHING for a paycheck! I'm sick and tired of the ATF getting a pass, on all the evil they do, just by lying. The mention of B.Todd Jones, briefly stopping by the meeting, was just part of the game plan, to show (pay lip service to) how important the AFT considered the allegations. Behind the scenes, it was,'lets weather the storm, then back to business as usual". Screw the ATF! There will never be any reform. They will always stoop to any low, even if only to bugger a cockroach.

Anonymous said...

I can only think that the ATF agents simply recognised superior intellects and thought they were being taken advantage of - hence the arrests.

Then the ATF dumb asses thought they would not be caught out.

Cockroach bugger ers!


Anonymous said...

After Waco someone asked the FBI director why they don't annex the ATF with the Secret Service. The answer was that "if you mix dirty water with clean end up with all dirty water!"