Friday, December 13, 2013

Herschel Smith on "Who Needs A Gun?"

"(T)ake note of his position on the idea that we need to own firearms in order to ameliorate tyranny. Without so much as blinking, he assumes like the good collectivist that he is that the armed forces would put down citizens in armed revolt over gun confiscation orders."


SWIFT said...

Once again, Herschel Smith has severely challenged my anti-abortion beliefs. Why was he allowed to grow up and breathe air? Why was he not terminated before he became a left-winger?

On another note; I see the brave, domestic terrorists, of the FBI, foiled another one of their own bomb plots, in Wichita, Kansas. A suicide bomber, trained, mentored, and given materials by the FBI, to blow up Wichita Airport, was arrested. Feel safer anyone?

Anonymous said...

Re-read SWIFT...Herschel Smith is NOT advocating gun control. He's quoting a numb-nuts professor...same one quoted in the earlier Sipsey article.

SWIFT said...

Anonymous@3:54PM,,How right you are. Many thanks for the correction. Need me some Geritol.