Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"Gun control: 'What if we say no?'"

But the refusal of the sheriffs to enforce gun control legislation is the least of the worries of the gun control community. The citizens, the rank and file gun owners, those who have never been involved in any crime, are defiant over government entities that would make criminals out of them by one stroke of a governor's pen.


Anonymous said...

Because of poor health, some of us have very little left to lose. Should unconstitutional confiscation ever rear its ugly head, some people would rather go out taking a couple of collectivist stooges with them, than writhing in a hospital bed under obamacare. In the days of 4th generation warfare, that is old hat.

Anonymous said...

Amen ag42b. I want to go out with my boots on. Molon Labe.