Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A anecdote of resistance to tyranny, from California, with particular application to New Yorkers and others caught behind enemy lines today.

From the Keep and Bear Arms archives, circa August 2000. The meeting referred to was on 13 July 2000. "The Professional Face of Evil: A Verbal Confrontation with California DOJ Lackeys."
I think it put the DOJ on notice that they just may have signed up for more than they can handle. Brian, Charlie and myself, while now no doubt at increased risk for daring to identify ourselves and speak up publicly, represent untold thousands of decent citizens who believe as we do. They have to know that for every outspoken citizen that they harass, tens of thousands more are going to figure the odds are worth taking their chances with, and that freedom is worth taking risks for.
It also put the NRA reps on notice that there are a growing number of gun activists who are simply sick of their shit, and tired of their engineering compromises with agents of evil. These guys acted like it was an honor to be included in the application of disarmament laws- all the talk of which reminded me of philosophers arguing about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. Discussing the technical aspects of a gun ban misses the wider point that the entire ban is an abomination, and that the only proper response is not to fine tune it, but to defy it. It’s like they’re pleased that they were consulted to decorate the cattle cars — really, they reminded me of nothing so much as the Judenrat, selling their people out to certain death in their pathetic attempt to appease the Nazis. As an NRA Life Member, I expect better from my organization’s management, especially when you consider the principled-sounding rhetoric about defending inalienable rights that they employ in their fund raising efforts.


Anonymous said...

The California Bureau of Firearms website.

Anonymous said...

I'm pissed off too, Mike. I dropped the NRA and joined two other groups. The Texas Rifle Association and GOA. When TSHTF, I'll have to initially take a step or two back and make sure my wide and kids are safe. But after that, it'll be the "Bear Jew" shuffle.