Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Who'da thunk it? New York Times discovers buckshot. Sort of.

“When he discharged, the pieces of lead would spread the farther they went,” the one official said. “It is similar to weapons used in bird shooting but on a more serious scale. These were not bullets but many small pieces of lead flying through the air.” No kidding?


Paul X said...

The media ignorance has to be damaging to their gun-control case, since a vast number of people know more about guns than they do. The conclusion is that they wish to regulate and restrict access to something they have no knowledge about. A pretty weak argument! Who would pay attention to them? Only people even more ignorant than they (if this is possible).

Anonymous said...

Gun Free Zones Kill

That point can't be emphasized enough. The sooner gun free zones are outlawed, the safer we'll all be.

In close quarters, shotguns are more effective, and deadly than rifles:

"During the trench warfare of the Gallipoli Campaign, Major Stephen Midgley of the Australian 5th Light Horse Regiment was widely known to use a sawn-off double barrelled shotgun while leading his troops, resulting in Turkish officers complaining that it was not a 'weapon of war' under international law after Midgley took one Turkish soldier's head "clean off his shoulders". Midgley was ordered by an Australian general to cease using his shotgun and switch to a conventional rifle and bayonet, to which the Major was "bitterly peeved"."

The Germans (who also used poisonous gas first I might add...) in WW1 said similar things when our Doughboys were using 1897 pump action shotgun.

One to three or so American soldiers could sprint up to a trench packed full of Germans, unleash hell on them, and 5-15 seconds later run away leaving five to ten (or more) German soldiers dead, dying, scarred and mutilated for life, mortally wounded, or trying desperately to help the wounded after the shock of what just happened wore off.

The German government threatened to execute any American soldier captured with a shotgun, a threat which was never carried out.

So don't discount a shotgun. What a single magazine from a handgun can do, a shotgun can do with each pull of the trigger.

In close quarters, a shotgun might just save your life.

Anonymous said...

GASP! Shotguns fire multiple projectiles with each pull of the trigger ... just like 'machineguns' but with the added ability to 'spread out' and be capable of multiple kills.


Charles N. Steele said...

Give 'em a break... this probably quite a revelation to NYT readers.aBase