Monday, September 30, 2013

Remarkable that this appeared in The Nation.

Why I keep a Swiss bayonet on my desk.


Anonymous said...

I have been informed by some Swiss members of a forum I like to visit that even the Swiss are being disarmed. I suspect that the ruling elite class has finally figured out that there are more indians than chiefs and that this will always be the case. Armed indians can spell trouble for the chiefs. Hence the need to disarm them.

Unfortunately for the chiefs, however, it is becoming altogether too easy to fabricate usable firearms in a basement machine shop. While such weapons are not terribly efficient or effective, they can easily be turned to the task of helping insurgents procure modern, effective weapons. As more mil-std weapons are liberated (procured) those may be used to procure yet MORE powerful, efficient and effective weapons and the other gear and equipment needed to fight a war today.

Jeff Wood said...

I recall reading, a long time ago before the Internet (so no link) of a visit Kaiser Willie paid to Switzerland before the First War.

He and the President were reviewing a military parade. "How many men can you muster?" asked the Kaiser.

"A million," replied the President.

"That's nothing," returned Willie. "I can bring five million against you."

"Fine," came back the President. "My men will turn up, fire five shots, and go home."

Sean said...

Uh, the US Army and Marines and the rest, zero their M4s'to 250 meters, battle sight zero. Because it is heralded that most battle targets appear to a soldier at 250 meters or less. I taught BRM for four years, and qualified numerous other soldiers for 15 years. The author of this is incorrect. And I only shot one man at more than 250 meters, at about 750.

CJ Klekar said...

"Swiss were asked to vote on a key question that keeps recurring every decade: pacifist and leftists put to referendum the proposal of eliminating national military service and disarming the Swiss Confederation."

Where do these clowns keep coming from, pacifists and leftists? Wow, they've even infected the great Swiss. Don't they realize what keeps them free? Are they that short sighted? I just don't get it!!!

Anonymous said...

So Switzerland has 250,000 men available within 2 hours - what will they do if I send 500,000 men to their boarders?

Mein Furher - each of them is trained to fire ... twice!

End of invassion plan.


Greg in Allston said...

Mike, The not The Nation of Katherine Van Den Heuvel, this is from The, as in Pakistan.

Margolis is of course quite correct.

SWIFT said...

I guess I never gave it a thought that the Swiss would also be plagued with a Left. When it came to America, I always thought being a Leftist came from drinking city water. Now that I know about the Swiss; I'm convinced it's from breathing alien spoor.

Anonymous said...

Another angle on a discussion
that occurred here back in
July, IIRC:

wald Kleist-Schmenzin, involved in the July 20 1944 plot to assassinate Hitler, y"sh, was anti-Nazi back in the 1920s. He warned others thusly:

Do not think that when you board an express train, the driver of which is deranged, you can somehow take over the controls. You may well travel very fast but when the train reaches the points it will suddenly be derailed. The fundamental mistake is the pretension to total power; that is the devil's work. Only God can claim total power. If a human being does, then the perversion of power must follow.
He responded to Freisler in 1944:

Yes, I have pursued high treason since 30 January 1933 always and with every means. I made no secret of my struggle against Hitler and National Socialism. I regard this struggle as a commandment from God. God alone will be my judge.

As quoted in Michael Burleigh's The Third Reich

all the best, cycjec

Anonymous said...

the Wehrmacht in Italy, 1943:

the small village of Gamberale
high in the Appenines, was
taken over in late 1943, and
became a HQ for the German

they did not arrive at first
in Wehrmacht uniforms but
in British uniforms, and asked
for men who spoke some English
who might aid them. Thirteen
men volunteered, who were
then massacred in the village

Later, four members of the Brucci family, a mother, an infant, a father and the mother's father were shot at a distance of several hundred yards while they were foraging in their own fields for potatoes.

"it was target practice"
says the local historian

Source: Paul Paolicelli's
Dances With Luigi

Anonymous said...

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