Thursday, September 19, 2013

No big surprise.

A faithful reader gives us the heads up on Newsbusters analysis of the media bias in the Navy Yard reportage, saying: "They have so many posts highlighting media bias about guns I'm going to aggregate them into a single email."
WashTimes Writer Miller Notes Media 'Obsessed' with Linking AR-15 to Navy Yard Murders.
CNN's Piers Morgan Still Hasn't Retracted Claim DC Shooter Used an AR-15.
CBS Asks If Gun Industry Puts Profits Above 'Human Lives'
MSNBC's Hayes Highlights Viewer's Call for Making NRA 'Illegal' and Banning Guns.
The Liberal Media's Top 10 Worst Anti-Gun Moments of the Year.
Turns Out Ed Schultz is Conservative - On Guns.
AP's Claimed 'Correction' of Error on Use of AR-15 in Navy Yard Murders Not Reflected in Key National Site Story.
WashPost Locates 'Eminent Criminologist' to Assert Media Boredom With Navy Yard Massacre Comes from... White Racism?


Anonymous said...

I shouldn't ask this question but, there's a Marine garrison there, I know Marine's to be the best, did they not have any weapons with ammunition, we trust them with our lives, lets trust them with their lives.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous:
They did not have ammo according to this:

If I recall correctly, the unit there is mainly for marching ceremoniously in straight lines for ceremonies. Oh, well.

Anonymous said...

Media doesn't want to talk about that story because it slams every aspect of the loyalist mentality to the tune of showing how literally DEADLY it is.

From Saint Clinton to race warfare to gun free zones to the demonization of the AR15, absolutely every point in the progressive agenda is roasted by actuality - real world event.

Hence, this entire thing is NOW about the median "mistake" about the AR15 and how there really IS a need for "better" background checks and "mental health". But there's one more aspect some aren't catching yet.

This will be used to support the new and improved "authorized journalist" legislation. See, with that wonderful legislative improvement, the "mistakes" will be resolved in reporting because it will ensure proper "training". Sound familiar? You betcha.

Take notice. Republicans are just going to let this crime buried, demonstrating once again that they are really just pawns of the Democrats. What a shameful display by those lying pansies. But will the even more foolish voters even notice? Not likely and that's just plain pathetic.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
This is to "any-mouseat 12:50PM"
Hey anymouse,
Scan down to Dutchmans' post at 5:07AM.....That should cover it.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if that is the same bunch of Marines that marched in the O'Bummer Inaugeration Parade. Carrying M-14 Rifles with NO BOLTS in those M-14's. Casterated rifles CANNOT fire any bullets that might save some lives