Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Navy Yard shooter relied on gun free zones to massacre defenseless personnel

While authorities are trying to piece together exactly what happened and who, if anyone besides dead named shooter Aaron Alexis was involved in today’s massacre at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C., one fact is indisputable. The killer(s) took advantage of a “gun free zone” at not only the facility, but one that extends throughout Washington. D.C.


Anonymous said...

A "Gun Free Zone" really means a "Target Rich Environment" where EVERYONE is a target and no one is able to shoot back. I wonder if anyone heard him shouting Allah Akbar? If so, I bet we NEVER hear about it.

Anonymous said...


- Ted Nugent

(Quoted by Old Greybeard)

Anonymous said...

One thing this incident does re-emphasize is that people intent on murder pay no attention whatsoever to gun control laws.

The Statists know this. Their talk about crime control, gun safety, and keeping guns out of the wrong hands is all smoke.

Their intent, first, last, and always is to control US.

I can't find the source at this time but this quote is relevant nonetheless. So I post it here without attribution. Perhaps someone else can come up with the source.

"There are those among you who intend to rule wisely, but they intend to rule!"

Robert Fowler said...

Double gun free zone. DC and the Navy yard. Target rich environment.

Tom Skoch said...

The Navy Yard massacre shows, again, the impotence of gun control laws. It also demonstrates the uselessness of NSA data-mining and entities like the Department of Homeland Security and TSA, except as arms of a politicized "domestic army" to control the vast, compliant, unarmed populace.