Thursday, September 12, 2013

More Colorado Analysis.

From Sean Tende at RealClearPolitics: What Colorado's Recall Results Mean for Dems
From Jonathan S. Tobin at Commentary: The Gun Control Moment Passes
Liberals are attempting to spin their defeat as the result of local politics and resentment about the interference of New York’s champion of nanny-state regulations in Colorado. But they’re fooling no one. . . While the power shift in the Colorado legislature isn’t enough to force a repeal of the bills Morse helped force down the legislature’s throat last winter, the symbolic value of the defeat suffered by anti-gun groups will resonate throughout the country. That’s something liberals, especially those in the media who embraced this issue wholeheartedly last winter, are finding it hard to accept.
From Alec MacGillis at the collectivist New Republic: Gun Control Loses in a Swing State
But the anti-recall side could hardly plead the underdog on this one. Bloomberg contributed $350,000, philanthropist Eli Broad kicked in another $250,000, rank and file gun control supporters sent countless checks from across the country and the broadening of the race to other issues brought in other progressive groups, such as Planned Parenthood.
From the American Spectator: “Big Gulp THAT, Mayor Bloomberg!”
It is difficult to pin down just what was spent and by whom in these races, but a reasonable guess is that the anti-recall (which is to say Democrat, anti-Second Amendment, Bloomberg pawns, etc.) efforts outspent the pro-recall side (which included the NRA) by at least two-to-one., with some suggesting the gap was as much as six-to-one. In Colorado, the American Federation of Teachers wasted $25,000 of their members’ money in defense of Morse and Giron — no doubt for the children.
As Colorado Peak Politics put it, “Giron’s group… is running TV ads during NFL games, while the ads for Victor’s (pro-recall) group are running at midnight during re-runs of ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter.’”
Senator Morse conceded at about 9:15 PM; about an hour later, the El Paso County Clerk posted the final results of 51% “Yes” (for the recall) to 49% “No,” making Morse the first legislator recalled in the history of Colorado. This scalp is all the more significant because Morse is — make that was — president of the state senate.
In Pueblo, the “Yes” vote to recall Sen. Giron trounced the “No” vote by a 56% to 44% margin, a remarkable result in a district that has nearly twice as many registered Democrats as Republicans and where Giron beat her Republican opponent by almost the same margin in 2010. Clearly, Pueblo’s rural and blue-collar character makes it not a very safe place for elitist gun-haters who are transparently manipulated by out-of-state puppet masters.
The Giron recall is also notable for its utterly grassroots nature, being started by Victor Head, a 28-year old tattooed, bearded plumber who had decided he’d just had enough of our state government’s petty tyranny.


Anonymous said...

"Throw The Bums Out" is something my dad used to say. Glad to see it finally happening. I guess Colorado is a "GOOD START". Now maybe this momentum will keep going and we can (hopefully) have some sanity in Gubmint.

Anonymous said...

And, once again, the Unintended Consequences of this is that governments all over the nation are going to change the rules to make recall elections a lot harder.

t said...

What is heartwarming and hopeful are these pictures of Victor Head--the American who got the recall going:

Young, armed, tattooed and free!

God Bless and thank you for what you do.

Anonymous said...

Phillips said. “But it just makes me and my husband and the other people that see what’s happening with guns in America more determined. We will keep doing it until we draw our last breath.”

Try to take them, and we'll help you with that!

Anonymous said...

I believe the population of Pueblo, CO is heavily Hispanic. It seemed so last time I was there in the early 90s. That may indicate that Hispanics tend to support the second amendment. Or it may be that many Hispanics didn't vote. I read that dems will still control the CO Senate, but by only 1 vote now.

- Old Greybeard

gunnyg said...

Colorado took in too many Californicators in the 70's. Liberals poison everything they touch.