Saturday, September 28, 2013

Gun Owners Eat Babies.

Incendiary Image of the Day: Gun Control Advocates Want YOU!


Anonymous said...

And them Irish babies is tasty, ol' Johnny Swift said so, it must be true.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me all the baby butchers are on the left. They insisted on child murder with Roe V Wade. They have supported child murder, they have protected it. They are the ones that kill babies while we on the other side have always held life to be sacred. That is one difference between us. Whether it is defending the life of the unborn or defending life by use of a firearm to preserve that life after it is born. The Marxist Progressives do not hold human life at any age sacred. That is why those of the Marxist Progressive ilk have been totally in favor of Marxist governments that have killed over 120 million people in the 20th century alone. They long to hold that kind of God like power in America. That is why these bastards are so dangerous. And it is just so damned funny that they subscribe behaviour to their political enemies that they themselves practice. Human fucking debris. That is all these bastards are. A waste of skin and bone. The culture of death that they have begun with the push for abortion is why we have shit holes like Chicago, and Detoilet seeing the killings at an unbelievable rate. The total loss of respect for human life can be laid at the feet of the damned Liberals. It is their crime against humanity. For that they all should have to pay a price.