Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"Gun-Grabbers Go Full Femme-a-Gogue in Colorado."

A whiff of elitist progressive panic is polluting the Rocky Mountain air.
Polls show "moderate" Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper, who was against anti-Second Amendment gesture theater before he was for it, losing favor here. The libs' gun-control laws (including more intrusive background checks and ammo mag limits) have driven manufacturing jobs away, made it more difficult for law-abiding gun-owners to conduct business, and done little to increase public safety. No wonder Hickenlooper has barely lifted one of his wavering, wet fingers in the wind to assist the recall targets.
Extremist liberal groups are filling the vacuum. They're trotting out ridiculous fear-mongers to demonize Morse's GOP challenger Bernie Herpin and Giron's challenger George Rivera as misogynistic zealots hell-bent on confiscating every condom, morning-after pill and key to an abortion clinic in the Pikes Peak region.


Anonymous said...

Currently, the demagoguery's going over like a lead balloon covered with fat people, championed only by those Johnny-come-Latelies fresh off the bus. Moreover, in passing, I overhear some increasingly disgruntled rhetoric, which curtly states they'd love to cleanse a certain sickness from the soul, via a more personal method of exorcism.

To wit, concerning the recall effort: "7.62x51 NATO works a hell of a lot faster - and sticks!"

Told you before: Colorado's becoming a flash-point. Currently, I'm just trying to get my BOB and LBE sorted before "Zimbabwe 2: The Revenge of Mugabe's Ego" kicks off.

Keeping vigilant (and powder dry),

Yushud_Givaschitt said...

This is what we are up against, she is the majority leader. FFWD to 7:33 to 8:10...

Yushud_Givaschitt said...

This is the mentality we are up against. She is the majority leader. FFWD to 7:33.......8:10