Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Getting into the militarization rush. Men in Black (Helicopters) celebrate the "cloak of mysteriousness."

"Police militarization and an argument in favor of black helicopters."
article quotes:
"After this (SWAT) operation, I was fascinated by the social media discussion that blossomed among ill-informed knuckleheads who were certain that the government was taking over."
"What is it with this growing concept that SWAT teams shouldn’t exist? Why shouldn’t officers utilize the same technologies, weapon systems, and tactics that our military comrades do? We should, and we will."
"Black helicopters and mysterious warriors exist. They are America’s answer to the evil men that the anti-SWAT crowd wouldn’t dare face. We will make mistakes but we are duty-bound to do what we can to minimize the chances of mistakes occurring."
"I do believe to some degree that we SWAT operators should swathe ourselves in a cloak of mysteriousness...."


Anonymous said...

And when the evil doers ARE the jack booted thugs making up the SWAT teams, then what? Keep it a secret and pretend, in mystery, that the problem isn't real? How about when the evil doers are directing the SWAT teams even if they are 100 percent "good guys"?

The militarization of "police" is nothing more than yet another end run around the limitation upon government not to have military enforcement of "laws".

The pukes know full well what they are doing and they also know full well that the American Spirit of Freedom will not go into extinction without a fight. This militarization is being done to systematically kill each and every person who resists their extermination of individual liberty.

Anonymous said...

Any civilian police officer who hides his face while in performance of his duties is a coward, and should turn in their badge, and gun.

If you need to hide your face while doing something, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place.

Criminals hide their faces, because they know what they are doing is illegal and immoral, and unethical.

They way one dresses changes the way one acts, and thinks. That is why we dress up for church services (You're going to go rolling the mud in your "Sunday Best"), or we have "work clothes" (if you're a painter for instance those will be old clothing that you don't mind getting some dirt/paint on.), if you're dressing in a manner that makes it hard to ID you, sooner or later you're going to start thinking differently, and likewise, you'll be acting differently.

The militarization of the police will come back to bite us all sooner or later.

FedUp said...

For once, the P1 commenters are way more reasonable than the P1 article author. It's worth clicking the link just to see the comments, most of them from LEOs who don't like to look like our enemies.

Anonymous said...

Even with your technology and your 'superior' numbers ...you'll bleed and die like all other humans. And you will eventually grow old and die ...naked, cold and afraid.

Sure, wrap yourself in 'elitist' fantasies. Just remember your history. Unless you're invited to live in a fortress, you'll walk among those whom you are so quick to dismiss and oppress.

And if you choose willingly to serve evil and engage in murder and oppression for a paycheck, do not be surprised if you are loathed and hated because of that.

You are not a secret society of immortals. You are humans willfully murdering and oppressing. For that you will be known, forever.

SWIFT said...

"They are America's answer to the evil men that the anti-SWAT crowd wouldn't dare face." Oh, really? Put a name on the son-of-a-bitch I'm too timid to face. Not in this life-time dirt bag.

Doug Rink said...

Saw this adjacent ad when I checked out the story...


They're selling Bearcast for the lo-lo of $188,793... but "free grant-writing assistance" is available.

The feds apparently more than happy to pump some cash to remake your local police department into something more to their liking.

Anonymous said...

The idea that Sterling Heights, Michigan, needs this doofus and his SWAT team on more than one or two occasions a year is next to ludicrous.

Anonymous said...

This article illustrates the American Paradox: If these men wore the flag of literally any other country but they wrote these words and acted like they do, their life expectancy on our streets would be measured in hours.

But because they are American police officers, this is tolerated aside from some grumbling on "fringe" websites.

Ned said...

Here's some comments from a LEO who posted like there was no tomorrow regarding this article:

"I appreciate the fact that you've done this much research, but with all due respect, it doesn't mean that much to me. I don't care what the statistics are showing. I have eyes and I trust them. I'm now seeing people with more and more weapons (legal and illegal) and hostile attitudes towards law enforcement than I was 16 years ago when I first started. Just because many of us are being much more pro-active about ending the threats than we used to be does not mean the danger isn't real. You know that it only takes one time."

"I was in the military before I entered police work, but I did not start becoming "squared away" until I was several years into the job. My experiences in this job have hardened me. I've learned from my mistakes from when I was less experienced. I try to take a militant and systematic approach to EVERY situation I encounter, because it gives me that edge I need to make it through my shift alive. I carry a lot more gear and ammunition than I did when I started 16 years ago.

I make the assumption that I'm stepping into a battlefield everyday I walk out of the station and get into my patrol vehicle. I view every person I encounter as a potential threat to me until I know otherwise. All of this has made me a much better officer. I've learned to trust my intuition and heed the danger signals. I'm making far more significant arrests now and locating weapons on suspects and in vehicles. These were areas I was lacking in years ago. Like a soldier or a Marine, I've learned to adapt to my environment."

In sum, the citizenry is the enemy, unless we kneel, bootlick, and prove otherwise. THEN, the anointed ones can "trust" us.

These guys, (IMO) are a big part of the reason the "average Joe" doesn't trust the police.

Anyone who reads the news, checks out the internet, knows the absolute disdain for us mere "citizens" that apparently, a majority of LEO's have.

Anonymous said...

quote"By the time we leave a scene a crowd has usually gathered, and the glimpse of the men in black as they slip away will leave an impression with the onlookers."unquote

Leave an impression. Right
Says the poster child for Dimwits-R-Us. The only
thing bigger than these psychopaths ego is the block sized stench they leave behind. Yeah, you leave an impression all right..and Orwell described it precisely in his book. Personally, I believe one of these days, one of these depraved SWAT teams are gonna walk into a trap they won't walk out of. Every time I see a picture of these Amerikan Stazi thugs I can't help think the only thing missing is a Swastika on their military uniforms. In reality, these are NOT domestic LEO's anymore. All I know, is if young people join the military to go overseas to "protect my freedoms"...they're fighting in the wrong country.

Anonymous said...

"Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword." Fo all those who are uninitiated in simple language from the Biblical Era:

People who make their living by being armed agents usually meet their demise by the same type of arm the bear for other than personal reason. If you a gun for hire, live by the sword, then you have no complaint.

Now John Bad Elk comes to mind here. Mr. Bad Elk was a Res. cop who was put upon by fellow deputies. In the course of an attempted warrantless arrest ole John shot some of his antagonists. Since the arrest was "unlawful" the Supreme Court of the US said he had the right to resist an unlawful arrest up to and including the death of the officer and a citizen also had the right to resist "excessive force" that may result in serious bodily harm or death even in a lawful arrest. The case has never been over turned, still good law.

SO when these boys come sneakin round and find a well prepared citizen with say NIJ IV protective equipment sporting say an 82A1, M107 or other variant of the .50 BMG rifle class and waste the idiots it should be our duty to back the fellow citizen up, cause every body know how vindictive these thugs are. All you have to do is read their writings. They go out for blood they will get bloody, maybe it needs to be reciprocal???

Just thinkin out loud here ya know.

Anonymous said...

How did I know before even clicking through to the article that this was taken from the "Police One" site?

I sometimes think at least a few of the writers on Police One are having a bit of fun at the expense of the site operators. Either that, or there are people out there with badges and guns that are certifiably insane.

Paul X said...

They are trying to put makeup on a Gestapo pig.

Anonymous said...

DMS said: quote"Either that, or there are people out there with badges and guns that are certifiably insane.unquote

Insane. Youbetcha. While the collectivist gun-control crew scream about "background checks" of average citizen gun buyers so those "mentally challenged" don't acquire weapons, when is the last time you heard of a LEO organization testing their officers for "mental health"? I'd bet $1k the percentage of mentally deranged LEO's is 10 times what you find on the street. After all, what kind of person finds satisfaction in daily confrontation? Given the sheer quantity of "bad cop" videos on youtube, I'll rest my case.

Anonymous said...

"their life expectancy on our streets would be measured in hours."

No, not hours but minutes.

Also the "police" are not insane but trained to be the way they are. They will shoot you and then they will get away with it. UNLESS, the management needs a scapegoat or two. They will then become victims as well, and this is by design.