Sunday, September 1, 2013

Beyond tone deaf.

The Hiring Follies of Troy Industries


SWIFT said...

Nothing under the sun,except lies, can be used to justify what happened at Ruby Ridge. ATF Special Agent Herb Byerly testified before a senate committee that Randy Weaver "fit the profile" of a gun runner and for that reason, he was targeted. Lies! The FBI takes over the siege and Dale Monroe admits he was willing to take the shot Horiuichi made. As a matter of honor, all three and a shit load of others, should have committed suicide decades ago. Screw Troy Industries.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I posted Troy's latest drivel in the last thread here at Sipsey. I was planning to buy more of their BUIS soon....I'm now going to buy from Diamond Head instead.

Fuck Troy.

William Flatt said...

One thing for sure, I won't ever buy anything from them! From now on, it's government contracts, or they can turn off the lights, lock the door and get out of the firearms industry.

Anonymous said...

I just sent a letter to letting them know what it would take to ever have me consider spending money with them again. We'll see if they do the right thing. Then we'll see if that's enough.

Mark III

Anonymous said...

According to what Steve Troy has been posting on've made their decision....they don't want our business.

Anyone a member of

Might wanna get threads started on all major boards if we want to really crush Troy's support of tyrannical ex- or current LEO.