Saturday, September 14, 2013

Arrest of Terry murder suspect raises weapon questions and more

Why has there been no dedicated open hearing, with experts testifying in front of cameras to reveal exactly what they found, what evidence they had to work with, what methodologies they used, what opinions they consulted, what equipment they calibrated, what reports they filed, what correspondence and communications ensued, what other agent witnesses reported, and what admissions they’ve obtained from suspects arrested to date?


Anonymous said...

Could it be too embarresing for our great leaders?


SWIFT said...

Like Waco and Ruby Ridge, no one will pay the price for all the murders associated with Fast & Furious. Three years since Terry's death and no one in power seems to giv-a-shit. The rage I feel about all three events, is an exercise in futility. I find it beyond reason that evil events and evil people always seem to win out.

Anonymous said...

Lake Mary, Florida police chief Steve Bracknell seems to have a penchant for shooting his big mouth off and slandering citizens.

Contact Steve-O here:

Let Steve know today what a sorry-ass sack of unprofessional shit you think he is today.

WarriorClass III said...

Do you ever write any more of your own, or are you just now a Drudge-type conglomerate?

We can all get the news directly from the sources you provide, but it was what you had to say that we all respected.

Now you have nothing to say, so why should we keep coming here?

Hell, you don't even say thank you.

Adios, hombre.

WarriorClass III

David Codrea said...

I could never have written this post that Mike linked to without his outstanding original work both in front of and behind the scenes. With all that he's got going on, the folks who see the iceberg tip at SSI have no idea of the demands on his time, and couple that with health issues that would have sent most of us to bed and sap all initiative, it's a minor miracle he is able to produce what he does.

There is value in being an aggregator to point people to what they need to keep their eyes on, and then offer a comment about a principle that often isn't stated or obvious. And when Mike does write an original piece, which takes more than most realize, because it's not just sitting down for 15 minutes and free-styling opinions, it's a unique gem.

If he failed to thank for a voluntary subscription--and if you gave one or more, thank you, because most will let him starve and expect their daily read--I'm sure that's a matter of too many balls in the air at once combined with life factors and attendant disorganization that comes with that. Now that it's been brought to his attention, I'm sure he'll be able to organize things a bit better on that score, but then, think about this: The guy has to field hundreds of correspondences every day on top of everything else, and when we send a contribution to GOA or some other group, do we expect a personal "thank you" note, or are we acknowledging they are doing work on our behalf that it is our part to help sustain?

I look at contributions to Mike as our way of saying "thank you" to HIM.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm grateful to go to one internet site which has links to many articles and opinions on a Amendment II issues. That site is Mike's blog. I also don't see how Mike has the strength and determination to do as well as he does. I'm a lot healthier than he is and I couldn't do it. Warrior Class III is indeed full of shit! Who needs him?

- Old Greybeard