Monday, September 16, 2013

A "Teachable Moment" for collectivists who aren't interested in learning.

Two members of the Colorado state Senate learned a lesson the hard way last week, and it provided a teaching moment in U.S. politics. The overriding lesson was that, if politicians take away their citizens’ right to debate and present opinions on legislation, those same politicians shouldn’t be surprised when their jobs are taken away by those same citizens, via the ballot box.
Those on the left and the overwhelming majority of the national media were all in on their ideas of what might reduce gun violence and mass shootings — minus any evidence on their side. And the results in Colorado prove it. The national media covered as a foregone conclusion that the gun control lobby had the only sane and reasonable policy. In fact, as reported by the blog Legal Insurrection, when the left-leaning Public Policy Polling firm took a survey a few days out from the recall vote that showed Sen. Giron losing by a dozen points, it opted against making that survey public, figuring it surely couldn’t be correct. She lost by a dozen points.
If money were all that mattered, perhaps PPP would have been vindicated, as the gun control lobby — led by $350,000 from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns group — outspent those seeking the recall by a whopping 6-1 margin, pushing at least $3 million into the effort.
Now all they have to show for it is two losses, with the media desperately trying to make it into a nonstory, other than to parrot Democratic talking points of purported voter suppression. Of course. If the left wins, it’s because they truly represent a just cause. When they lose, there must be some sort of shenanigans. If the circumstances of this effort were reversed, with a successful recall of two Republicans who opposed gun control, it would have been the lead national story last week, even overriding the strife in Syria. That’s how vested the national press is in this matter.


RustyGunner said...

The new civil war isn't some dreadful looming cloud on the horizon, it's on, now, and we just won a battle. Spend a few minutes cheering the brigade in CO, but look to your own theatre, where can you exploit this? Is there a pol you can reach with your ballot or your donation to an opponent who's looking a little green around the gills right now? Strike! Call him! Visit his town hall meeting! Turn his flank and bugger his baggage train! This is no less a war for the lack of gunfire. The enemy's left a gap in his line, attack!

Anonymous said...

The shooter today in dc took uncle joe Biden's advice and used a shotgun to kill the guard and take his ar15 and pistol. Get this info out before the gun banners turn this into more gun control nonsense!