Monday, March 12, 2012

"Why Mike Vanderboegh Can't Be An ATF Snitch."

From Rifleman Savant. And, no, I didn't ask or pay him to write this.


Dakota said...

Time and experience have taught me to look real closely at the person who is doing the "accusing".

Having known Mike a long time and knowing the sacrifice he has made, I question "all" who accuse him of anything other than a "Patriot" to the Constitution.

I hold in contempt those that tear down and not build anything other than their own ego's and spout terrorism as a legitimate form of resistance.

eddymatthews said...

Well said Dakota!

aughtsix said...

"By his enemies, you shall know him."

Mike's behavior, demeanor, intelligence and long history of diligent, honest advocacy for Liberty are well known. They shine like a beacon in comparison to the behavior (etc etc) of his detractors.

May God bless you, Mike.