Saturday, March 31, 2012

Reprising Horst Wessel in an American context.

History rhymes.
It's not fascism when they do it (just ask them).


Anonymous said...

Obama is a Marxist, even though the Nazis were socialists. People don't understand the slim difference and why Soviet images should be used instead. I really pisses them off to be precisely identified as who they actually are.

Sorry but it's true.

Happy D said...

Point Taken.

The interesting thing I note is how fast the Democrat Racial Collective abandoned one of their own to their own ruthless remorseless wrath.

No loyalty to their own sideways up or down.

This may be useful/exploitable to us.

HoneyDoMan said...

Good example as to why perception is more effective than reality.

"Obama is a Marxist, even though the Nazis were socialists"

Let's grant you are correct. However, in terms of effective image, NAZI's are a more socially acceptable, recognized icon of "evil-doers" than Uncle Joe.

Just for fun, I like to call the acting President the "Uncle Tom" in the Big White House just because of the wonderful emotional baggage that spills out.

Anonymous said...

My point was that the color of a Marxist's skin, has no bearing on the matter. A Marxist is a Marxist and deadly to both the human spirit as well as life itself.

Marxists should be identified as such because it is accurate and because they very much, don't like it. Because it is accurate and they have no lies or defenses which are useful to them in rebuttal.

Anonymous said...

"It's not illegal if The President does it!" -- Richard M. Nixon in David Frost interview