Saturday, March 31, 2012

Arizona Gunwalker investigation going nowhere.

From Lori Jane Gliha.
The special state committee, created in January to investigate the controversial ATF Fast and Furious case, will not meet its March 30, 2012 deadline to provide its findings about the controversial case to the governor.
According to Rey Torres, the Director of Communications for the Arizona House of Representatives, the Ad Hoc Committee on Operation Fast and Furious has not yet held a meeting and currently has no meeting scheduled. . .
The group was formed to investigate the factual background of the flawed Fast and Furious case , in which ATF agents admitted to allowing straw buyers to obtain weapons and distribute them to known criminals .
Torres said it is unlikely that a meeting will be scheduled before the legislative session is finished sometime next month.
According to Rep. David Burnell Smith, the committee chairman, the group will aim for June 2012 as a new target date for delivering a report to the governor.


Anonymous said...

Oh well! Maybe it'll all be over by that time and they won't have to do anything!

That would be swell!

Only it won't be gone by then because there are dead federal agents involved, a shit load of dead civilians, treason and conspiracy on the part of government officials, and we won't let it!

ihavemydoubts said...

I am very disappointed to hear that. It has become obvious that there will never be criminal charges filed at the federal level. Arizona was our only hope to see justice done but they seem to be just blowing it off.

biii said...

Looks like Arizona's reps don't have any more huevos than our fed reps do......a sad state of affairs for America.