Sunday, March 25, 2012


Going home today, with all tubes out save a feeding tube which will remain for at least another two weeks. Please keep me in your prayers which have sustained me and brought me through thus far. God bless all of you whose more than generous subscriptions have made it possible for Rosey to commute, etc. I'm working on a couple major posts and hope to have at least one by later today.
Again, God bless you all.


Russ Lewis said...

Wishing you the best for a speedy recovery, fellow patriot!

Anonymous said...

Great news about you going home today Mike.
If you and others want a little puter
entertainment just put chicago police
scanner in search.
If only all cities would copy Chicago and take all weapons our overpopulation
problem would be solved quickly.
49 shot last weekend and 10 died, including a very beautiful 6 yr. old
shot sitting on the front steps with parents.

Guffaw in AZ said...

Take all the time you need to heal! Don't push it!
Prayers your way.

AJ said...

Take it easy, don't try to do too much too soon.

MamaLiberty said...


HUGS!! <<<<<>>>>>>>

SWIFT said...

I hope you have a good experience with the Health Care nurses. Many years ago, my father was dying of cancer. The Health Care Nurses were, as a group, the most incompetent POS in the business. $75. per 15 minute visit, and they didn't even bring a thermometer or blood pressure cuff. They should have been taken out behind the medical center and shot for breathing other people's air. Still, you live in the south and that is probably a good thing. Southern hospitality and all that. Long life!

Sckinhunter said...

Best wishes for full recovery. Have patience and work through each day. Dealing with some similar issues myself and know the routine. Thank you so much for what you are doing to keep these peoples feet to the fire.

Anonymous said...

Thank God! You take it easy now, ya hear?

Hefferman said...

That is a big step towards being healthy again.
I will keep you in my prayers, Mike.

Ed Foster

Sean said...

Take the time to recuperate, and at the same time, try some light weights exercise in bed or sitting down. I did when I got my second hip replacement, and it gave me a good start. Please get well, and don't worry about the blog. Sean