Saturday, March 31, 2012

More uncritical repetition of Southern Preposterous Lie Center bilge.

Courtesy of USA Today this time.


Dakota said...

Sounds like the "writ writers" are still doing their stuff and ruining their own and others lives in the process.

The only bright spot is that "local" L E is smart enough to just leave him alone I guess.

Anonymous said...

You can always tell whose dick the SPLC has had it's lips on.

PT said...

And not a mention of the New Black Panthers and their $10,000 bounty on a man's life.

The McPaper has always been disappointing, and is proving that consistency is its strong point.

The Colonel said... on the list will be the PTA [parent teachers assoc. ]

AJ said...

Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

Anonymous said...

* yawn *

stowed empire 3 said...

I always like to apply a little arithmetic to numbers like SPLC spews.

100,000 "ardent followers"
1,274 "sovereign groups,"
that number of groups up from 149 groups in only 3 (?) years

[1,274 - 149] / 3 = 375 new groups added each year since January 2009 (?)

100,000/1274 = 78.49, use 78 members per group, ave. (?)

1274/50 = 25.48, use 25 groups per state, ave. (?)

Add in the quoted 200,000 sympathizers?

Think about those numbers applied to your state.

I readily conclude SPLC's numbers are a steaming pile of warm green bullshit.

SPLC is FOS. Again.

SWIFT said...

I do not believe the SPLC got any information from tax disputes and court documents, as claimed, unless it was through a computer search. All the BS information that they feed Federal, State and local police comes from the internet. Why anyone would put credence in anything they say, especially about numbers of hate groups and sovereign citizens, is beyond me. They have been exposed calling one single individual or an address as a "Group", to inflate their numbers. No one in law enforcement, at any level seems to mind eating and regurgitating their lies. But there is a way to gain some credibility: Mark Potok, tell us ALL about your provocateur at Elohim City and what the FBI knew about him.

Anonymous said...

This is done prior to all war`s,it`s called "demonizing the enemy".Yankee`s eat babies!Hun`s kill women and children!,Slap a Jap in the yap for attacking uncle Sammy!.Will it work again?.I don`t know.Maybe. Never in my lifetime have I seen the mass media circle the wagon`s around a president like this.I have sat here horrified at the thing`s I have seen this person do and get away with in the last three year`s.Even more incredible is the support the Chancellor of the Fourth Reich is getting from the "Gang of 535".So much for "being about the people`s business"(Stop calling dear John "Boner"as someone as impotent as him hardly qualify`s!).By now I`m sure most of you have heard the line and seen the video`s "America dumbed down doped up and distracted".The average blob of protoplasm in this place will remain clueless as to what is going on here,till they hear the hobnailed boot`s goose stepping down their street`s or their neighbor`s home is taken out by a drone strike,ordered by Der Fuehrer!.