Thursday, March 29, 2012

Finally, Grassley/Issa go directly for the O'Reilly Connection.

While William LaJeunesse reports on the Zapatas, "Family demands to know if weapons used to kill ICE agent could have been seized before they crossed into Mexico," one of the rumors I heard earlier this week has come true.
Readers may recall my earlier pieces on Kevin O'Reilly such as here. Well, now FOX's White House correspondent Ed Henry is reporting "Lawmakers push to interview ex-White House aide in 'Fast and Furious.'" Here is the latest letter.


Anonymous said...

You watch. The WH will claim "National Security" prevents any interviews with O'Reilly. But on a similar note, witness another unfolding scandal of the Two Tiered (In)Justice system, witness a cast of a dozen or so high-powered bipartisan, former Washington officials who have established close ties with a group, known as MEK, which has been formally designated by the U.S. Government as a Terrorist organization. These WDC elites have been vocally advocating on MEK's behalf, to have MEK removed from the terrorist list, often in exchange for large payments, despite MEK’s terrorist designation.

At the same time, other, not politically connected people, have been criminally charged, prosecuted, and sent to prison for exactly the same thing..that is..PROVIDING MATERIAL SUPPORT to a LISTED terrorist group, by virtue of advocating through free speech, on Youtube, various virtues of said groups.

Now, Secretary of State Clinton wants the MEK removed from the list.(can't have WDC elite joining the Gitmo team can we?)

Behold the Two Tiered justice system in action. Just like F&F will play out.

Anonymous said...

If the fast ad furious operation was intender to give support for more gun regulations another question comes to mind.
Did the justice department supply any money to buy any firearms?

rdf67 said...

O'Reilly worked with Dan Restrepo - the guy in the WH responsible for Latin America (including Mexico). He asked Newell if he minded that he share the data with Restrepo who could be the actual creator, based on info from O'Reilly and Newell, of Fast and Furious. Just my humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

I'll rejoice when I see someone directly involved either doing the perplex walk, or spilling his guts and admitting his guilt before Grassley &Issa.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

"Issa and Grassley wrote in the letter that O'Reilly's personal lawyer has told them that he would permit his client to speak to the lawmakers as long as the White House does not object, and they are willing to do the interview by phone to accommodate O'Reilly's work."

This overture must be firmly rejected.

In a telephone interview, non-verbal clues will be lost: the interviewer cannot perceive reactions--puzzlement, annoyance, discomfort--signs that indicate to the interviewer whether he is "off the mark" or successful in probing his way forward to discover closely guarded secrets.

A face-to-face interview must be held with O'Reilly and no further delay must be tolerated.


Mt Top Patriot said...

Time to call a spade a spade. Grasslay and Issa have not accomplished any tangible action to date. Whats it been a year? The gross treason and felonies committed in and associated Fast and Furious could be seen from orbit by a blind cat.

Not all these clowns in Congress are dummer than a box of rocks. They know whats coming. They are all directly involved in one way or another in perpetrating the eventual collapse of the dollar, and subsequently the world fiat system of finances. Corezien just got away with stealing over a billion dollars from protected customer funds, obama is running out of ink in his auto pen signing executive orders instituting a total police state, outcome of the 2012 elections, just as with 2008, have been decided, the fed is the largest counterfeiter in human history. Whats a few thousand guns and deaths in the scheme of things to these traitors?
Because that is what they all are. What can you expect from Traitors?
They sold us and their souls to the devil long ago.

Anonymous said...

Since WH has objected, I come to conclusion there is in fact a higher authority involved than has been thus far alleged. By the fact of the refusal, then can be inferred the point of contact inside the WH making decisions. JMHO. If were not fact, they would allow the interview to go forward. Yup, They're covering something.. Go figure

Taz, FL.