Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's that time again. The Southern Preposterous Lie Center wants liberals to send them money.

"Look out wealthy eastern liberals, Militia Power's Gonna get yo momma! (Send us money if you believe that crap.")
"Number of U.S. anti-government groups rises for third year." To quote the Bard, "Who hath measured the ground?"
And remember my exchange with press scumbag Bill Morlin? Well, this is the propaganda piece he was working on when I told him to "piss off."


SWIFT said...

All this time spent and that was the best Bill Morlin could come up with? Any member of this board could have put that information together after less than two hours on a 'puter!

One thing I did like: The FBI using a child molester as an infiltrator. Not only is that a thing of beauty, but confirms what I've said about them all along, they are all low rent, immoral, subhuman scum! I don't need to say it anymore. I can just sit back and watch them confirm my statements for me. Life is good! My father told me decades ago, "you are judged by the company you keep"! Too bad these "special agents ?" didn't have a father like mine, instead of pimps, limp-wrists and traitors. Keep up your perversions boys, you made my day.

Anonymous said...

Mark Potok's image should be in the dictionary under the word "Nebbish".
He is just another left wing socialist extremist looking to utilize the power of the state to push the authoritarianism of his Utopian dream on everyone else because he lacks the manhood to pursue it himself. I can't stand even looking at that male poser. Sort of like listening to Obama squeel.

TPaine said...

Nice picture, Mike! You forgot the black leather glove, however. And holding a Bible in your other hand would have been a really nifty idea.

How someone can lie like that and put it into print with impunity is beyond me. The "mob" had the right idea - a baseball bat to the knees for the first offense, and "one behind the ear" if you didn't get the first message.

Pericles said...

I find the anti-government meme hilarious.

Just about everybody involved in this is of the opinion that (A) the federal government is bankrupting the country and sure to lead to untold economic misery for hundreds of millions of people, thus (B) any efforts on my part to accelerate or retard the trend are doomed to failure, so (C) why would I waste my time and treasure on that when I should be preparing for the consequences of the impending economic collapse, therefore (D) my efforts are directed at being able to survive the and prosper in the future.

Militia is when crisis meets preparedness.

John Richardson said...

They even got a few minutes on World News with Diane Sawyer. Diane was about to have the vapors!

Anybody that uses anything that comes out of the SPLC as the basis of a story is a useful idiot.

Mark Pooplech said...

Southern Poverty Law Center

Fighting Truth • Teaching Bullshit • Seeking Money

Female III said...

What the hell is NOT to hate about this anti-American, anti-Christ, renegade, lawless and fraudulent government? Somebody tell me. Name one thing. How about you, Mark Potmark, Botox, Potluck or whatever the fuck your name is? Do you know of something about this government that is not worthy of my rage? Anything, you filthy antichrist bastard?

I know you stick your ferret nose in here reading every word, so SPEAK! List for us one godly thing about this false, filthy, fraudulent regime. Name ONE FUCKING thing about this Marxist government do that does NOT demand armed resistance by every American citizen! SAY IT! Or sit the fuck down and never open your butt ugly pie hole again. You can't because you know that everything about this fraud perpetrated on America is evil. And you love it. You love all that is unholy because you are a lying, festering, masturbating piece of shit.

How about their child sacrifices at the altar of satan? Or maybe their sacrament of sodomy? How about their subversion of every one of our just laws? Their laundry list of treasonous actions with foreign governments? Their open assaults against our sovereign states? Maybe it is their naming our returning veterans as domestic terrorists. Yeah. That one endeared them to us all. Or maybe it is that we have a big, floppy-eared non-American unlawfully squatting in OUR White House? Maybe that's it. But it doesn't start with the turd obama. I wish we could go back to at least Harry Freemason Truman and wipe every one of you devils from the face of the planet. THAT would be the kind of population reduction I could support.

So there is no chance of misunderstanding...the American people are the government. We can't be anti-ourselves. The obama regime is an unlawful, fraudulent entity that has waged open war on this country. It did not start with him but by God it may end with him. You and he serve the devil. We serve God and country. Are you afraid to die, Mark Podunk? I'm not.

You are scum, Potox. You are one of the homeliest men I have ever seen in my life, yet you are even uglier on the inside. I flush better things than you. I despise everything about you, you oxygen thief. Go die.

WarriorClass III said...

"The three-year trend amounts to an "astounding" 755 percent growth since 2008"

This is good news indeed.


J. Croft said...

Hey, I think I saw this guy in nothing but a tan raincoat by some playground...

Anonymous said...

These old fool`s don`t need to go to jail, they should be in a nursing home/nut house.....WTF ? one of their top terrorism cases of the year ?.

Anonymous said...

Oh,he`s just such a mammy pammy little guy is`nt he?.Ill bet his mommy still check`s behind his ear`s when he leaves home in the morning.I can tell just by looking at him this F--kin creep has never gotten a speck of dirt on his pussy pink hands doing any kind of honest work.But then I guess thats how all the two faced sonsabitches of his ilk make a living....with their lying big mouth.