Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Slain agent's family 'sickened' by info. (And they still don't know the half of it.)

Keep the Cover-Up Alive. (This poster brought to you by Eric Holder's Department of Justice.)
Terry family reacts.
The family of the U.S. Border Patrol agent killed in connection with Operation Fast and Furious said it “is sickened” to learn that law enforcement agencies were not sharing information that could have possibly closed the investigation early and spared his death and other bloodshed.
“The Terry Family, like most of America, is sickened to read the latest revelations relating to ATF’s error-plagued and misguided Fast and Furious Investigation,” the family of slain agent Brian Terry wrote in a statement. “It is beyond our comprehension that U.S. federal law enforcement agencies were not talking with one another.”
Of course they WERE talking to one another, only it was in phrases of cover-up, denial and obfuscation. Here's a rumor: the El Paso ATF was onto the Miramonte Brothers. They were told to back off by Gunwalker Bill Newell in Phoenix, whose people themselves were told to back off by higher ups in DOJ and the FBI. Rumor also has it that this is coming out next week. Well, you know what they say about rumors.


Anonymous said...

If the media had expended a fraction of the resources it has devoted to the manufactured Trayvon Martin "national crisis", maybe we would know by now who gave F&F the green light.
Obama gushed that if he had a son, he would've "looked like" Trayvon. I wonder if it has occured to the Agent Provocateur in Chief that, considering his genetic makeup, it's not impossible that his son may have "looked like" Brian Terry?

Aiken Patriot said...

I have marveled by the concern in the mainstream media about the painful loss of the mother of Trayvon Martin and how she deserves justice - then not a word about the mother of Brian Terry.