Friday, March 30, 2012

David Codrea: Why is White House blocking ‘Gunwalker’ testimony from former NSC director?

While the proceedings of that meeting happened “off the record,” and while Vanderboegh admits “There is no evidence that the committee asked these questions because of Larry's and my urging. Obviously, it didn't hurt,” this correspondent can confirm from contemporaneous communications that had such questions not been brought to light in the hearing, neglecting to do so would have resulted in that failure being reported — not by the mainstream, but by the citizen journalists who dragged everyone into this story in the first place.
Plus, Dave Workman reports on Issa: ‘We want to play fair'…but


Anonymous said...

We're beyond "oops, my bad" and "fair play" here. They have already shown us what they think of us as a people and what they are going to do to us as our "rulers."

It should be obvious by now even to the densest skull that they are all in on this to one degree or another. This is why you must get your "news" from a blog and not the Marxists opportunists and their friends.

They are not going to relent my friends, they think they have the right to own us.

Anonymous said...

[T]here has been no evidence to suggest that anyone at the White House knew about any decision to allow guns to 'walk' to Mexico.--White House spokesman Eric Schultz

True, but if Kevin O'Reilly and Dan Restrepo were to be deposed by the House Oversight Committee, their testimony would assuredly produce fruitful leads as to where the missing evidence may be.