Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Paranoid, schmarinoid. More collectivist mental health quackery.

Rick Holmes opined on "Guns and paranoia" and later "Guns and paranoia, continued." To which Mr. Higgins replies, "Holmes’ column on guns shows ignorance." With all the box-top diagnoses of "paranoia" on the part of "journalists" and "columnists" like Holmes out there, the only thing I can ask is "Who's really being paranoid?"

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Jay Higgins said...


"Dick" Holmes conveniently left out details of Fast & Furious and relevant quotes from George Mason and Tench Coxe that I provided, in an attempt to make me look like a raving lunatic in the print edition.

Funny how all these newspapermen fancy themselves as psychologists-at-large, ready to diagnose us all with some malady that causes us to disagree with them.

Jay Higgins
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