Friday, March 30, 2012

I'm still trying to figure out what this guy's CRIME was.

Man arrested after bomb squad, ATF called to Knox Co. home


Mt Top Patriot said...

His "crime"(?) was he was a threat to the Praetorian guard. Weapons, like the rule of law, is only for Lilliputians.
The guys mistake was he wasn't a Gunwalker of Mexican dissent or a tool of federal "Law Enforcement" or Holders Dept. of social injustment/engineering. No useful purpose other than a tax payer who got uppity.

Serve and protect?
Got that right.
Serve and protect their power and the powers that be.

Brian said...

apparently they had to make some shit up...

Anonymous said...

“With his background being an ex-vet and so forth it does raise an eyebrow of why and of course an officer's safety for future calls in that area, is he a danger to himself and others around there?” said Hudson.

Well, the deputy was so frightened that he couldn't talk!

Oh - if Powell had been buying his firearms from private individuals rather than dealers, and he had 50+ of them, then maybe he bought a hot one without being aware of it. It happens.

Anonymous said...

What do you want to bet the so called "bomb" attached to the garage was the damn Gas meter?

So he was arrested because on of his 68 firearms was at one time reported stolen, and the almighty "officers safety" was invoked so, you know his rights dont apply.

So technically they could call anything mechanical looking a suspected bomb and haul your ass off for "officer safety"

Do you kids understand yet what we are dealing with?
Still think that vote in November is going to magically raise the Titanic?
Still think you can get out of this one without blood on your hands?


Mark Roote said...

While I'm not ok with the stated reason for going there in the first place (the sign), they did say that one of the guns found had been reported stolen.
all in all though, i think they needed to make something up because he scared the "normal" people and was obviously a threat to the government.

TPaine said...

Well, he had a nasty sign, and something that "looked like a bomb", so of course, this is all the excuse needed to raid the guy's house. Looks like his only crime was a stolen gun, but that's all they need now.

My wife just ordered this stuff called "Tiger Balm" for her aching joints, and it comes in a small tin. I'm getting ready to go to the airport with it in my pocket, and when the detectors go off, I'll reply that all I have is a little balm in my pocket. Of course, my lawyer will be given prior notice. SHould be fun all the way around.

Kevin Wilmeth said...

Mike, your only problem is that you're wasting your energy trying to figure out the answer to an irrelevant question.

How long has it been since the commission of an actual crime, with, you know, actual harm to a victim, has even mattered?

And of course it can't matter, anymore. If it did, it would raise all sorts of questions about the harm that the Regime does to its subjects.

No, it's best to make it all about "the law". Because once it's all about "the law", all you have to do is to change "the law" to get the result you want.

Welcome back, Mike. Happy to see you getting back on your feet. Take it as easy as necessary; we want you healthy! :-)

W W Woodward said...

An update on the story – complete with a colour photograph

Man is arrested for possessing dozens of guns

A man is behind bars for possessing a multitude of weapons.

Officials with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office say they arrested 65 year old Glenn Powell after they found 68 guns and an artillery simulator that was wired in his home.

He is being held at the Knox County Jail.

Does Kentucky limit the number of firearms someone may own? You can bet that the servants of the people confiscated every damn one of the man's guns

ATF probably had a snit over the artillery simulator – which is actually nothing more than a training flash bang.


Dedicated_Dad said...

Not sure if we read the same article...

It was DEFINITELY poorly-written - public-school kid, no question - but...

According to the article *I* read, he had an obscene sign and what appeared to be a bomb attached to his garage, next to/clearly visible FROM the road.

Can't say I have much of a problem with them checking out such an individual, nor TEMPORARILY impounding his firearms UNTIL he's cleared as "not a danger to others." Those paying attention will note I left off the usual "...self or..." - I believe Liberty includes the right to self-harm - but I digress...

Seems legit to me - based on the little info we have...

pdxr13 said...

Littering? Breaking a HOA regulation?

Was the "thing that looked like a bomb" a sack of kitchen trash? I have some "suspicious-looking items" myself, if viewed by people who are trained to be suspicious of everything and anything (or nothing, because someone is hiding things) in order to get a warrant or enter and search without one.

Uppity sounds like the crime.

Anonymous said...

My head hurts from trying to figure this out.

It started with a sign for daycare?

Bill Baldwin said...

This must be it.

“With his background being an ex-vet and so forth it does raise an eyebrow of why and of course an officer's safety for future calls in that area, is he a danger to himself and others around there?” said Hudson.

Ex-vet? Does that me he's a current service member?

Check out the double standard though.

“It looked like a bomb to me on the outside attached garage,”said Hudson. “I have been to Afghanistan myself and another sheriff's deputy has been on tour to Iraq so we are kind of familiar with that.”

So, for Only Ones it's ok to be vet, but not just us regular citizens

SWIFT said...

A good lawyer will hand the police their ass in court. On the stolen weapon, did the guy even know it was stolen? Intent to do wrong is critical here. As far as the sign that instigated to whole affair, the police need to review Watts vs, U.S. where the Supremes found rude and crude language to be protected, even against POTUS.

Anonymous said...


This story brings to mind the importance of "social camouflage".

Some food for thought, "How well do you blend into your surroundings?" and I'm not talking about ghillie suits.

Anon Threeper said...

His only "crime" was calling attention to himself. My anon predecessor makes a good point. We need to blend in as much as possible, not put up any social red flags (like offensive signs, or probably even gadsden flags), and stay under the radar. Sure, we should make ourselves known to our brethren, and network covertly, but still keep our heads down. Also, why did he have 68 guns in his living room? Has he not heard of caching? Important lesson to learn from this fellow: Fly low, don't consolidate all your resources in one place.