Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Well, at least there's somebody that remembers there is a Gunwalker scandal.

Calls for Holder’s resignation heating back up as six more congressmen join the surge.


Bob said...

Still no Democrats. The administration will just claim it's partisanship until some Democrats are offended by it. Which won't happen.

T1 said...



Every corrupt S.O.B like him (including the Kenyan he works for - did you see Sheriff Arpaio's press conference about his birth certificate and selective service card?) should be tried for - among other things - treason, fraud, forgery - I could go on.

Resignation = escape = no justice for crimes committed.

Michael said...

Agree with T1.At the least,he should go to prison,at best the gallows.Resignation would be a joke and slap in the face to justice.

Treason and Conspiracy should do him in,if Grassley and Issa push it and don't let it drag on and disappear.

I wont hold my breath though.