Thursday, March 22, 2012

Janice Kephart hosts William LaJeunesse

Watch for more from William on this subject later this week.
My first guest was Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist, now with FOX News, William LaJeunesse, who has done the most extensive investigative journalism on the federal government’s arms trafficking operation known as Fast and Furious. William had breaking news on the investigation – the key nugget is that the ATF has been claiming since the operation became public that they never had probable cause to dismantle the operation. LaJeunesse came across a document that the ATF had sufficient probable cause, from a stop of the kingpin of the straw purchasers at the Lukeville port of entry a few months into the operation. We also discussed the soundness of the overarching mission of the Fast and Furious operation, the Congressional investigation, and what potential outcomes could mean for the Presidential campaigns.

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Anonymous said...

Yup and then they always conclude that for the sake of safety and security, we must at some point trust the very people who have shown that they cannot ever be trusted with any power because they always abuse it and then lie and say they didn't. Then they lie about the lies they've told and those who created the opportunity claim total ignorance and point fingers at everyone else, including people who had nothing at all to do with anything bad.

Trust? We are well beyond trust now. We know better. But they are always so sincere!