Saturday, March 24, 2012

Trayvon Martin, "No 'Justice,' No Peace," and the long, hot summer ahead.

Detroit, 1967.
Kurt Hofmann reports that the "Brady Campaign takes Trayvon Martin exploitation to new low." David Codrea believes that "Rush to judgment on George Zimmerman reminiscent of mob behavior."
Despite the fact that "Police say No Grounds For Arrest In Trayvon Martin Death" and "Zimmerman was on the ground being punched when he shot Trayvon Martin," we have already had the stampede to judgment in the best example of the multi-culti herd herd of race hustlers, cynical politicians and media harpies. Already Jesse Jackson avers that "Blacks are under attack,' NYC has alr5eady staged a thug-culture celebratory "Million Hoodie March," and the re has been a "Wanted Dead or Alive Poster Issued for George Zimmerman by New Black Panther Party."
LA, 1991.
My son, as perceptive an observer of the US social situation as anyone else I know, told me the other day that he expected to deploy as scheduled to Afghanistan this summer unless the unit would be sent to Chicago. He said this a few weeks ago, well before the Martin case.
It takes no crystal ball to see where we're headed with this Martin case, though. There is too much advantage to the federal collectivists and racial tribalists not to exploit this opportunity in the middle of an election year.
Got militia?
American shopkeepers of Korean descent defend their own property, LA, 1991.


SWIFT said...

When I first read about Trayvon Martin case, I figured the justice system would sort through the evidence and justice would be served. I read one astonishing account where George Zimmerman did not follow Neighborhood Watch guidelines in that he was armed and didn't let police handle the situation. It reminded me of why I'll never join such a left-wing organization. But the real anger started when Obama, Jesse Jackson, Farrakhan and the NBPP, jumped into the fray inciting violence. Make no mistake, if a white group issued a Wanted, Dead or Alive Poster, the FBI would on it, like a TSA agent downloading child porn. They'd be thicker than fleas at the white group's HQ. Another telling issue is the silence of the SPLC on the NBPP. Well, I hope that cooler heads prevail and our country don't burn. But if it does, I'll look like the Koreans in the photo, exercising my right to self-defense.

Anonymous said...

The storm is about to break. The agitators, the race whores, the obamas - all feel spunky because they have their boy in the DoJ to run interference for them.

This is how it finally happens. Any resistance to the black agenda will be met with overwhelming force by the feds.

Anonymous said...

Obama sees grand theatre in the Trayvon case, a chance to drag Florida into the Dem camp. Too bad Zimmerman is hispanic with black relatives. And Obama saying Trayvon could have been his so. How true. The Trayvon lawyers are closing his school suspension records. Yea, just like "pops". Records sealed and background being bleached. Like father, like son. indyjones

John said...

The system did work. Eye witness identified Martin as the attacker and Zimmerman as calling for help but no response came. Police did right thing but will it hold up in PC nation?

Cameraman said...

At This point in time it might be Prudent to replace your FireArm Sights with WHITE outline Sights, for the Obvious Contrast Needed..Just In Case!!

Dedicated_Dad said...

They're pulling out old pictures of this kid - in truth he was 6'2 and a football player, with a history of violence in school - not the sweet, smiling kid they're plastering everywhere.

Further, even his girlfriend's story has an undercurrent of "I'm not running, I'll kick his @$$..."

The 911 call shows Z thought M had "his hand on something in his waist-band" and that he'd turned to confront Z. Then there's the fact that all the evidence from the screams ("HELP ME! HELP!") on the tape which M's father says were not his son to the physical evidence and even eyewitnesses say Z was on the ground getting the snot pounded out of him.

Despite my tacit emotional agreement with all the heart-tugging cries of "a child shouldn't die over a pack of skittles and a bottle of tea", I must note that a bottle of tea in the hands of a 6-foot-2 athlete makes a rather formidable weapon!

IMHO, the apparent fact that "Z called cops 49 times in the last year" goes to his defense. Contrary to repeated claims, the 911 dispatcher didn't "tell z not to follow..." - he said "we don't NEED you to do that" - an attempt to divert liability, not an order to stop.

In sum, according to all the evidence and testimony I've seen, here's what we have:
An overzealous but law-abiding "neighborhood watchman" followed the wrong kid.

A confrontation ensued, and M - not happy about being followed - attacked Z, gained the upper hand, and got shot.

While Z may be morally culpable, I've yet to see any evidence that he was LEGALLY culpable - and hence he should rightly go free.

As this would cause widespread rioting among The Diversity, and every city in our Republic would likely burn, some pretense will be found for jailing Z - all law and precedent be damned.

In closing, the best comment I've yet seen on this case came from one of the linked sites:

"You'd THINK - given the long history of Blacks being lynched without due process - they'd be averse to the whole thing..."

Apparently, you'd be WRONG.

Female III said...

The racism these animals decry is their own. If they wanted to embrace reality they would know that the multitude of humans do not HATE eachother. In fact they LOVE eachother. But no, they prefer to deny the truth and follow their agenda of hatred. Too lazy to be worthy of the air they breathe, they prefer sloth in all things. They loathe even their own when "their own" prefer to live as a neighbor amongst other neighbors than to find their "dignity" in sin. God help them. In this life and the next. God help them.

Note to all you "sons" of obama: You don't want this.

Anonymous said...

The new black panther party has announced a 10,000 bounty for Zimmerman. They are openly soliciting donations from black athletes and actors.

If the feds do not put a stop to this RIGHT NOW, they have no more credibility as a law enforcement organization.


Which means no more rules for anyone.

Mattexian said...

I agree with you that the hustlers are trying to incite a lynch mob with their tactics.

As an aside, I thought something interesting in your choice of photos of the Korean-American store owners, where they all have matching (dare I say, "uniform"?) headbands, almost as a visual IFF cue.

Ed said...

Most instances of Florida's Stand Your Ground Law being used are ugly, but ultimately justified. Those who demand a "day in court" are not paying for the lawyers or the court fees, and do not risk anything. A skillful prosecutor could make Mother Theresa appear to be an abuser of the poor, elderly and sick to a selected jury. Prosecutors do not like the SYG Law because it restricts them.

As for those who would argue that if it was a more physically skilled and stronger white man beating a black man and the black man was the one who shot the white man then things would be handled differently, they may have a valid argument. Search on the Internet for "Trevor Dooley David James". Trevor Dooley was ultimately arrested after a delay, was ordered from his home as a condition of his bail, and is now still trying to get charges dismissed under the Stand Your Ground Law more than a year after the shooting. Especially tragic is the recent testimony of James' daughter who witnessed James, a recently retired USAF noncom, tackle the physically smaller, frailer, elderly Dooley. Dooley admitted to shooting James in self-defense because James was choking Dooley. When the prosecutor mockingly asked Dooley why Dooley carried a weapon in his home, Dooley responded "It's my house."

It is a travesty and injustice to Trevor Dooley that the charges have not yet been dismissed. The killing of David James is also ugly, but was completely unnecessary. The "Stand Your Ground Law" can also be rephrased as "No, You Do Not Have To Take That Beating Law", even if you are the neighborhood crank. Both Tayvon Martin and David James were terminally impolite and willing to physically assault another, only to discover to their dismay that their victims were unwilling to take their beatings.

Anonymous said...

Here is another photo of the "child"

TPaine said...

I live in the area of this incident, and I really believe that it is meant to trigger a race war here in Central Florida. Obama is supporting the New Black Panthersand their $10K bounty on Zimmerman. Surprisingly, the SPLC has openly described the NBPP as a radically dangerous group (wonder why?).

News has reported that the NBP is gathering up to 500 members to go hunting for Zimmerman. Cna we expect more than a few of them to be armed? In Florida, we have a "shall carry" law, and a lot of us here in the area are armed. Wonder what will happen when a gang of 50-100 blacks with arms goes "hunting through some of the neighborhoods around here.

Anonymous said...

Try not to take the bait. If it happens avoid if possible. To any FED's monitoring this and I know you are. Remember your OATH is to the constitution and not to any particular administration. You took a job where you might be placed in the uncomfortable position of doing what is ordered versus what is legal and right. Show the fortitutde to make the proper decision.

bitter clinging Teexan said...

not long after the shitstorm after this shooting started, I briefly entertained the notion that this entire thing might be a fast and furious/kirov/..reichstag type staged event.
To be honest, I have no sympathy for zimmerman if someone does kill him. as far as I'm concerned, even if he is technically covered by the law, his is still a scumbag for following a kid who WANST COMMITTING A CRIME and probably tprovoking a confrontation with him to have a pretext to kill him. There is a world of difference between what zimmerman did and what america's best neighbor, Joe Horn, did a couple of years back. Joe Horn did the right thing and I went to bat for him. This zimmerman nimrod, on the other hand, is undeserving of any type of support.

Backwoods Engineer said...

I'll lay it out simply for the feds who are no doubt monitoring this site.

If George Zimmerman is murdered because of the yammering of media talking heads, politicians, and race baiters, know this:

One. Hundred. Heads.

Civil war? You betcha.

Anonymous said...

As usual, William Grigg has a superb article about this matter.

Anonymous said...

Why does it take a foreign media to hear about cases like this?

If Obama had a son, he'd look like Tyrone Dale David Woodfork.

Then today there's this. Do those at CAIR actually expect us to believe this?

The family told reporters that the mysterious killer left a note saying, “Go back to your country, you terrorist.” I guess they figured they'd blame it on a white Christian instead of letting people believe one of their own did it. Honor killing maybe?