Monday, March 12, 2012

Tea Party Nation Founder Slams GOP Leaders For ‘Sitting There’ Instead Of Taking On Fast & Furious Scandal.

Judson Phillips, the founder of Tea Party Nation, appeared on Fox News this morning and called out top Republican leaders in Congress for their inaction on the Fast & Furious gunrunning scandal. Phillips accused GOP leaders like John Boehner and Eric Cantor of just “sitting there” and “not picking a fight with the president” instead of making the case a priority.
"The freshly-laundered white flag of surrender."
Phillips did credit Congressman Darrell Issa for his commitment to keeping the scandal afloat despite Attorney General Eric Holder‘s “stonewall,” but he did express some displeasure with how the rest of the Republican party in Congress has not been similarly adamant. He called out Boehner, whom he said frequently “hauls up his freshly-laundered white flag of surrender,” and Cantor for not taking more action on this issue.
“The Republican leadership were just kind of sitting there, and that’s really a pretty accurate story. What my friends in Washington tell me is that Boehner says what he learned from the 1995 government shutdown is ‘you never pick a fight with the president.’ Well, here’s my question: if you’re not going to pick a fight with the president, especially when you’ve got an issue like this Fast & Furious operation… if you’re not going to pick a fight with the president when it’s something that’s really really important, what are you doing there?”


Anonymous said...

Congress is not going to do diddily regarding F&F, DOJ misconduct or anything remotely close to what needs to be done.
Parasites, feeding on the body public, are not going to do anything that might affect their ability to continue sucking.

Anonymous said...

How in the hell did Boehner ever get the job as speaker with that attitude? He should not even be in congress, much less the speaker of the house. And why doesn't he want "pick a fight with the president" to do what's right as an elected official, or to STAY elected?

Female III said...

The only "slamming" that would ever do them any good is in the back of the head with a 2 x 4. But it is even too late for that to help. These elected air wasters aren't just half-assed, impotent dumbasses. They are the enemy. Write 'em off. All of them.

Anonymous said...

The fight to expose F&F on the national stage is not over. Some very powerful people including one in particular are working behind the scenes. There are even more disturbing things about president obamunist that will now see the light of day in the major news media.


Anonymous said...

"Two Party Evil Money Cult"

Center of the evil, Washington D.C..

RegT said...

Boner is a complete sellout. Sen. Craig from Idaho may have enjoyed reaching under men's room doors, but Boner obviously enjoys kneeling in front of Obama's zipper. There simply is no other viable explanation.

SWIFT said...

Congress is it's own "Protective Association". Believe me, it is no different than the Protective Association of Ring Bearers from Annapolis, West Point and Colorado Springs, in our military. The entire Republic is run by cliques/mafia types/Masons: Washington, the military, the military/industrial complex, bankers, farming conglomerates, right down to fish markets along the east coast. Rare is the person who can prosper without being connected or Made by the In-Crowd. Boehner is an example of what Washington calls representation. Forunately, more and more people are waking up to the fact that we are represented by the lesser of two evils, in the election cycle, even though they are becoming harder to recognize between the blurred lines. We need an entire cleansing in Washington (and State Houses) NOW, or we are finished. To me, it looks like we're finished!

theirritablearchitect said...

The Donks weren't afraid of picking a fight with Nixon over a mere burglary...

Bow to your Dear Leader if you must, Johnny, but it's quite unbecoming, especially if your mom might be watching.

MamaLiberty said...

Indeed, SWIFT... a total house cleaning. Bulldoze the buildings and salt the earth beneath the rubble. Replace them with individual ownership and voluntary association - nothing else.

When some people are given power over other people, tyranny is the inevitable result.

Anonymous said...

Can we please not use the quote "Stonewall" when talking about Holder? Thomas Jackson is one of the four people I would want to have dinner with.

Just for the record:
George Washington
Thomas Jackson
"Blackjack" Pershing

R.E. Lee
Omar Bradley

bloodyspartan said...

George Bush said it best.

YOU are with us or AGAINST US!/

Obviously our compadres in office prefer to become traitors to the Declaration and the Bill of Rights.

All else is just mush.

BUY yourselves some nice Katanas and Viking Swords maybe even a nice damascus saracen blade or two.Sso when we run low on Ammo or the weapons are too hot.
We can lop off the enemies HEADS all of them.

Enough of this Horse Manure, time to just about start doing our duty.

rdf67 said...

Unfortunately, there is no narrative to go with these pictures. Any fast and furious weapons in here? We will never know because Holder has said, "Stop it" and that means any attempt to record any more guns or murders caused by them.

Anonymous said...

Because the Republicans currently elected to Congress are nothing more than democrats. The Republicans want the same thing Obama wants: total control of the country and everybody residing therein.

Anonymous said...

So much for sending anymore of the "Good ole Boy`s Club "to D.C. expecting them to stop these maniac`s.

Anonymous said...

Republicans? You mean Republicrats don't you?