Friday, March 9, 2012

Anecdote from my beloved Winston County. So was the pipe bomb placed in the toolbox before or after it was stolen? And how, exactly, do you "diffuse" a pipe bomb?

Aunt Jenny Brooks, the patron saint of Winston County. She cut the head off the Confederate Home Guard leader who murdered her husband and oldest son, put it in a tote sack, took it home, threw it in the lye boiling pot and cooked it down. She used the the skull (minus the jawbone) as a soap dish for the rest of her life.
The things you got to watch for when processing evidence in Winston County, Alabama: "Pipe bomb diffused (sic) at Winston County Courthouse."
Winston County Courthouse was abuzz with activity this afternoon after an active pipe bomb was discovered, Sheriff Rick Harris told FOX6.
In an investigator's room, a theft victim was identifying his stolen tool box. When they opened up the tool box they discovered the bomb.
Winston County authorities called in the ATF and the Jefferson County Bomb Squad to diffuse the bomb. There were successful in disarming it and no one was hurt.
Sheriff Harris said the tool box was seized after authorities busted a theft ring during a raid earlier this week at the Natural Bridge Motel.
Well, there's a question: was the pipe bomb placed in the toolbox before, or after, it was stolen? Here's another question: Is English the native language of the WBRC6 Birmingham affiliate staffer who wrote that the bomb was "diffused" rather than defused? How does one "diffuse" a pipe bomb exactly? And "media elite" in Birmingham (including, presumably, the idiot who wrote this story) think Winston County folks are "backward." Sheesh.


Anonymous said...

How does one "diffuse" a pipe bomb exactly?--MVB

"Diffusion describes the spread of particles through random motion from regions of higher concentration to regions of lower concentration."

Presumably, a pipe bomb (or any bomb, for that matter) is "diffused" at detonation. :^)


Captcha: "iductin; rearsh"

J-school grads use the iductin reasoning process when rearshing arcane subject matter.

ParaPacem said...

I would reckon it was diffused by giving pieces of it to all the guys at the station as souvenirs.

Anonymous said...

So along with "diffuse" we have:

"There were successful in disarming it and no one was hurt."

So grammar is no longer taught with jounalism? Or grammar no longer matters...

Pvt.Joker said...

"If you're getting grammar-nazi'd by someone from Winston county, you just might be illiterate."
With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy...

bockeye bob said...

Aunt Jenny is my kind of girl.

ParaPacem said...

So in your example, the conversation at the station house would have been:
"You suppose if I move this red wire across that gre BOOOOOM"

SWIFT said...

I have to wonder if she used the fat from the head for soap? Waste not; want not.