Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wait! Why didn't they just buy them at an American gun show or gun shop?

"Mexican woman sentenced in drugs-for-military weapons conspiracy."

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pdxr13 said...

"Diaz–Sosa and his partners negotiated with undercover federal agents to buy an arsenal of military weapons including:

•A Dragon Fire anti–tank weapon;

•Two AT–4s (an 84–mm unguided, portable, single–shot recoilless smoothbore weapon);

•A Law Rocket (a Light Anti–Tank Weapon);

•A Stinger Missile (a portable infrared homing anti–aircraft surface–to–air missile);

•Two Def Tech grenade launchers and a dozen 40 mm grenades;

•One M–60 machine gun;

•One .30 caliber machine gun; and

•Three cases of hand grenades."

This does sound like some good stuff to load in the bed of a truck. Too bad it never existed except in the voices of the Federal Agents who entrapped them.