Saturday, March 10, 2012

Remain Calm! All is well! Gun owners vote with their wallets, despite John Horwitz's best efforts at reality denial.

Josh Horwitz is channeling the cinematic ghosts of Animal House.
Anybody remember this Bruce Krafft column about the "government monopoly of violence" advocate Josh Horwitz and his pooh-poohing the idea that firearm sales were increasing?: "I Reject Your Reality and Substitute My Own"
Now Nick Leghorn tells us that Bud’s Gun Shop Sales Reveal the Truth About Guns Sales
Bud’s Gun Shop is my go-to resource when I need to figure out a fair price for a gun or if I’m looking to pick a new one up. Even with shipping and transfer fees they have a tendency to beat out the local competition. Turns out a few other people have the same opinion, and the result is that Bud’s currently has five times more orders for guns than they did the February following the 2008 election. You know — the month after Obama was sworn in, an event many blame for sky high firearms and ammo prices. They sent out a letter to those waiting on orders explaining some things, and one of our readers was nice enough to forward it on so we could share with all of you.
This notice is being sent to all customers who recently placed an order with and may not necessarily apply to your order.
If you are not already aware of what is going on in the firearms industry, there is no doubt you soon will be via the media. Our sales in the month of February were over FIVE TIMES what they were back in February 2009 following the last presidential election…and you may recall those were some pretty crazy times ! We did plan for 2012 to be another challenging election year….but we admittedly did not plan for this level of volume, and definitely not this early in the year !
Although your order may not have experienced a delay, we would like to apologize to anyone who has, or is currently, experiencing a delay in shipping. Our order volume unexpectedly skyrocketed in February, far beyond our capacity to process and ship. We immediately began the process of expanding our facilities, adding additional staff, and working extended hours…but those efforts are just now starting to pay off.
The good news is that we are starting to get back on top of things. We are currently shipping out more orders each day that what we are taking in, so it is now just a matter of clearing the backlog that was created in February. Since Monday we have been able to ship out 300 more guns than what we sold during that same time….so the backlog should be cleared shortly at this rate. We are shipping oldest orders first (first in – first out) so clearing this backlog will cause some newer orders to ship closer to the “7″ in our advertised “3 to 7 business days” terms. Many repeat customers were so use to us shipping in 3 days they started to get concerned when their order had not shipped in 5 days…even though we were well within our “3 to 7 business days” terms. Also, “business days” refers to Monday-Friday only, as neither UPS or USPS pick up packages at our warehouse on weekends.
We sincerely apologize if you experienced a delay and assure you we are continuing to do everything we possibly can to prevent future delays. We have also suspended all cancellation fees for any delayed orders. If you orderhas been delayed, and you prefer to cancel your order at this time….we will be glad to accommodate that request with absolutely no fees….we need more guns anyway !
We appreciate the business and commit to do a better job next time if given the opportunity.
Kind Regards,
Team Buds


MissVickAZ said...

Explains why supplies of .38 special seem a little thin right now.

Anonymous said...

I just looked at the Bud's site and it would appear (from an admittedly unscientific sampling) that most of the products in their catalog are out of stock. It would appear that a lot of people are truly concerned about the long term viability of the 2nd amendment.

Unfortunately, I suspect that when the SHTF, the vast majority of those machines will be meekly surrendered when the oath breaking "only ones" (military or para-military) show up at their door.

Crustyrusty said...

I live fairly close to Bud's... the place is pretty damn busy on weekends. It's been like that ever since they opened the new place, but it seems to be worse recently.

If Constitutional carry passes in KY, y'all are going to have to wait even longer for your stuff... :-)

STS2_Iver said...

When I got my MA LTC last summer, I had to wait over two months just for an appoinment with the city police detective in charge of firearms licenses. He was booked solid with people just like me looking to obtain their license and join the legions of armed citizens.

Anonymous said...

Bud's also sent out a mass email solicitation not long ago offering to buy used guns. It read a lot like the pitch gold dealers make to buy "old" gold.

Guns are hot right now. People are buying. Few are selling.

WarriorClass III said...

People see the fraud in the Republican Primary and know that the powers that be are going to run Mitt Romney inspite of the will of the people. This will assure another Obama victory and another American defeat. Damn right they're arming up. We have passed the point of a peaceful revolution when they made that impossible with all the fraud and out right lawlessness.

Leon Panetta has stated he doesn't need Congressional permission to go to war. In stunning testimony before a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Thursday, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Martin Dempsey both indicated that international permission rather than congressional approval provided the legal basis for any military action taken by the United States.

In fact, Defense Secretary Panetta actually stated that the military and executive branch would decide when military intervention was necessary based on NATO or UN resolutions, and then come before Congress and inform them of their decision, much like they did in Libya.

This is in your face treason on national television before congress.

Buy lots of ammo and start making those IEDs folks, this is getting real very soon.


bondmen said...

I can see why there is a mad rush to get one or get some more because it appears certain Obama will get 4 more years because media covers up his failures and foibles and the Repubs are bloodying each other in the primary trenches, BUT, and it's a big but, there are so many folks who got fooled by Barry's hope and change mantra and they thought things in the economy and the world would be a lot better by now and things are actually worse so they will not repeat their 2008 voting mistake. They may not tell their friends and relatives they'll vote against Barry Soetoro because they don't want to be called racist, but they will vote against Barack Hussein NO MATTER who is his opponent. That's my prediction about the first Tuesday in November.

Oh and Ted Nugent got a promise from Mitt Romney to not say the words "assault weapons" to get his endorsement! Ted says he'll hold him to this pledge.

Sedition said...

Funny...yesterday I received another 440 reasons of the 7.62x54R silver-tipped variety that Josh Horwitz is full of shit.

Anonymous said...

every time I read stuff like this, I find myself back at the reloading bench... I just resized another 500 .308 win. Now to fill em up lol

SWIFT said...

Josh Horwitz preaches to a left-wing crowd and they probably run with his talking points. But, I really don't think he has much influence on independents, let alone right-wingers. If his anti-gun rants keep the left unarmed, so much the better. No armed commies allowed in this neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

When Zero the Usurper in Thief is called to an Atlanta courthouse with our tax funded DOJ lawyer and refuses to show up and present birth documentation for natural born citizen status to get on the 2012 ballot in GA as demanded by it's citizens, ignores the subpeona, and the judge and secretary of state rule in his favor anyway, it's the final straw of over 100 court cases these past few years -- including Colonel Lakin put in prison for months-- on a simple Constitutional requirement that Barry Soetoro won't show, and has never shown
(he doesn't have a b.c.) any official or courtroom degrading the rule of law.

Zero spends millions on his own lawyer teams, background scrubbed, signed affidavits in court from witnesses he told he was born in Kenya to as Senator and previously and the media is nowhere and other conservative media is threatened.

Now Sheriff Joe Arpaio's investigation revelations on birth certificate fraud, social service registration fraud, phony social security number fraud, etc by a sitting corrupt fraud in the White Hut hardly garners the propaganda ministry's attention, but then again, either does Fast and Furious scandal.

We are hanging by a thread.

Liberal fascism and a corrupt cooperative RINO party, both influenced by commie and muzzie forces to destroy this country with a foreign born and ILLEGAL ALIEN blackmailed muzzie allegianced drug induced sodomite puppet.

So yes, gun buying would come quite natural to concerned patriots.

Anonymous said...

Press conference that just sunk the Kenyan in D.C.

JoeFromSidney said...

I went to the gun show of the Ohio Gun Collectors Association today. It was packed. The aisles were so crowded it was hard to get through. Lots of guns and money changing hands. Also, quite a few women and young men there. Not just a bunch of us old geezers. I think it augurs well for gun ownership in the future.

Anonymous said...

I wondered what was going on when, last time I bought a gun (about a month ago) it took a whole hour to get through NICS. Every previous time it was almost instantaneous.