Sunday, March 18, 2012

From John Robb.

The Johnny Appleseed Method


eddymatthews said...

Excellent website! I get the newsletter and it has some good ideas.

Torque said...

Great tie in to the "Global Guerrillas" way of thought. Keep up the great work Mike!



Anonymous said...

A while back, I commented on one of Mikes blog entries, and posted a relevant link.

In relationship to this blog entry, I'm going to post a link to Solari, as it is the underpinning for exactly what the "Johnny Appleseed" meme is about. This is Katherine Austin Fitts solution.

Her meme is exactly what the article Mike linked to is about.

However, Solari was borne from
understanding the system.
As to why and how it relates to F&F, and what is happening in America today, you must first understand how the system works, the reason it works this way, and who makes it work this way. To those who are willing to open your eyes, I urge you to enlighten yourself to the truth. You will NEVER be the same.

Again, I give you Katherine Austin Fitts ..

The introduction gives the first clue.
"I made the decision to write “Dillon, Read & Co. Inc. and the Aristocracy of Stock Profits” in the middle of a vegetable garden in Montana during the summer of 2005. I had come to Montana to develop a venture capital model to support a healthier, fresher local food supply. If we want clean water, fresh food, sustainable infrastructure, and healthy communities, we are going to have to finance and govern these resources ourselves. We cannot invest in the stocks and bonds of large corporations, banks and governments that are harming our food, water, environment and all living things and then expect these resources to be available when we need them....."
...."In a world of economic warfare, we have to see the strategy behind each play in the game. We have to see the economic tapeworm and how it works parasitically in our lives. A tapeworm injects chemicals into a host that causes the host to crave what is good for the tapeworm. In America, we despair over our deterioration, but we crave the next injection of chemicals from the tapeworm.

You have a choice. Hit the BACK button to take the Blue pill. Or, here is the Red pill.