Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Without a Clue, the NYT Does Victory Dance on Gun Control

Folks, the New York Times has once again leaped onto the dance floor with the Brady Bunch to do the old Tyranny Tango. You may find their victory dance here.

Of course I had a response. (Don't I always? Don't I just?) Read the link, then come back here and read the response.


Without a Clue, the NYT Does Victory Dance on Gun Control

To the editor, NYT:

The New York Times has joined the Brady Campaign’s premature victory dance over the sweeping of the GOP from the electoral field. You believe now that the NRA’s appointed candidates are gone, American firearms owners are at your mercy for more of what you call “reasonable regulation.” You couldn’t be more wrong.

You think that the GOP protected us. The way we look at it, the GOP protected you. By removing any chance over the next two years of defending ourselves politically from further raids upon our traditional liberty and property, you force us to consider other means. You have us surrounded, you poor fools.

There are two flashpoints in your “common sense” proposals. One, the willfully misnamed lie you refer to as the “gun show loophole.” This is the proposed federal seizure of control over all private firearms sales. Not even King George the Third was so grasping and the Founders fired on his Regulars for far less.

The second is the “Assault Weapons Ban,” which the Brady Bunch promises will be reenacted, only this time “with teeth.” We can conclude that one or more classes of heretofore legal semi-automatic rifles will now be forfeit. Why do you think there is currently a run on semi-automatic rifles, pistols and ammunition? Do you suppose these people are spending their hard-earned money now, only to turn them over to the “well-intentioned” Obama administration?

With Obama’s undeniable record on guns, his claim that he will “uphold the Second Amendment” is as credible as a serial rapist opining on the glories of chastity.

Try to understand. You may pass all the gun control legislation you like. We will not obey it. For seventy years you have pushed us back from the free exercise of our God-given, inalienable rights, bleating “public safety” as your excuse to the ovine flock. Are we more safe? All you have done with “gun free zones” is create criminal free-fire zones. You seek to make the entire country a disarmed Mumbai, helpless to resist criminals, terrorists or predatory government. And now you want us to trust that your intentions are not tyrannical once again?

As they say down here in Alabama, “Ain’t happenin’.” The time may be fast approaching when you will wish ardently for the protection of the hapless GOP and the wobbly NRA. Dance on that happy thought.

Mike Vanderboegh
PO Box 926
Pinson, AL 35126


The Old Man said...

BOOYAH! The sentiment is the same up here in sections of Yankeeland. The lib-ruls ignorance is absolutely staggering.

tom said...

In the words of the ultimate warrior, Jerry Shriver, while his SF/SOG team was surrounded by an NVA unit of much superior size. He transmitted "I've got 'em right where I want 'em, surrounded from the inside." And he won that fight too.

Anonymous said...

We are with you..!


CorbinKale said...

I have already informed my family and friends of my determination to support and defend the Constitution, at the cost of my life. I did this so that they may know the truth and not believe any fabrications, spun by the media or public officials, should I be killed in a police seige, or under more mysterious circumstances. I only do this to honor my Oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I know that by speaking up, I have made myself a target of those who desire control over the citzenry.

I refuse to ask permission to exercise my Rights. I will not go to prison, nor will I spend the rest of my life regretting that I broke my Oath to maintain liberty for my nation. I will not start the war, but if war comes to my door, and I am fortunate enough to survive that first contact, well... we all know what happens when you back a man with nothing to lose into a corner.

The enemies of freedom have made themselves known. How could anyone not conclude that they are legitimate targets in the war they seem determined to wage?

If left to my own devices, I will live, peacefully. I pray to God, that the enemies of freedom will cease their incremental tyranny, see reason and choose the path of peace, too. History teaches that I should be prepared for the worst. I will not take one step back.

Anonymous said...

Well Said Mike.



j said...

Yes, CorbinKale - the Latin phrase from which a popular cartridge nomenclature evolved, agrees with you completely... Si vis pacem, para bellum... if you wish for peace, be prepared for war.
Agreed - not one step back.

Anonymous said...

Re: CorbinKale

I salute you! I am with you.
The NY Times has always been a bastion of anti-gun nonsense and blatanat hatred of the 2nd Amendment.

I stopped reading that filthy piece of expensive rag years ago. The NYT is a pure example of madness gone amok: a madness fueled by an ignorant majority city who supports the madness.

Anonymous said...

What CorbinKale said...

I pledge my life, my fortune* and my sacred honor

*What little will be left after the next year or so

Lergnom said...

Did they print it?

Anonymous said...


It would be a week (usually) until we would know for sure, but I seriously doubt it will be printed.

BTW, like your blog on Argentina.


Kool-Aid Nation said...

'The New York Times'? They're still in business?

Straight Shooter said...

Hi Mike -

Great piece! . . . I have "quietly" followed your work for the last couple of years or so and I just want to say "thanks" . . . you give me hope, and that is much for a man these days. Also, I really appreciate where you appear to stand aside from the 2A issue (though that is very important to me) . . . every once in a while, we get a "peak" at your views on other moral issues, such as pro-life positions, or fiscal responsibility, etc. . . . you always seem to land on the side of "righteousness." This, in my opinion, is the sign of a true leader, who always seeks that which is good . . . . I wish great things for you my brother.