Saturday, December 20, 2008

"The best of times."

Xavier, comments here about my piece on gun shows and other matters here..

"Wolfwood" then comments on Sipsey Street. He doesn't like me. No, not one bit. He calls me a "Wolverine" -- which, since I was born in Michigan, is both technically and philosophically correct. I've been called worse, especially by my ex-wife, who was and is a Buckeye. (For the uninitiated, a buckeye is a tree nut of no particular economic or social utility.)

My thanks to Chris Horton for drawing my attention to it.


Anonymous said...

Maybe we should educate our fence-sitter friend with a bit of historical primary resource: that quote from Gulag Archipelago, about the one with the mass arrests in Leningrad. Scary stuff, and thats what happened to a population who has been promised free healthcare free schools and free food by the same guys who then later rounded them up.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Mike, if "Wolfwood" did like you, I think you would need to wonder what you were doing wrong.