Friday, December 19, 2008

Teepen's Cognitively Dissonant Reply & Clintonian Rules

Well, folks, strangely enough, Tom Teepen took the time to write back, even if it was something of a form letter, I think. Here it is:

"Thank you for reading the NRA column and for your comments. A quick aside: I believe the 2nd Amendment refers to a right to bear arms -- not a right to bear every firearm, of whatever purpose or power, that someone can come up with and market." -- Tom Teepen

And so, of course, I wrote back:

re: Your cognitively dissonant reply & Clintonian Rules

Yeah, I got that. But you still haven't answered the question of what you will do when we start resisting your advocated seizures of our property and liberty with defensive violence. Own up to the unintended consequences of your own actions and don't extrapolate ours from your own cowardice. Just because YOU wouldn't resist an oppressive government doesn't mean we wouldn't. Surely you can admit THAT possibility?

What, then, will you do if after the first few dozen (hundred, thousand) of us are dead in your confiscation raids if the survivors decide to play by Bill Clinton's rules?

Mike Vanderboegh

If the boy writes back, I'll let you know, although I doubt it. That would require more thought along unpleasant lines than such people are comfortable with.



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Anonymous said...

Wow! Very impressive reply. Tom is exhibiting a defense mechanism called denial in that last reply. He understands the ugly face of potential tyranny, but he is just probably trying not to look defeated yet.

But I like it that he is writing back, because that means he still retains a little bit of common sense despite the years of elitist brainwashing that he was subjected too throughout his education and career.

Johnny said...

Has he deigned to favour us with what, precisely, a right to keep and bear arms does entitle the individual to? What "reasonable regulations" (and taxation and licensing fees) is the NRA embracing? Also, I'd like him to explain to me how the collective gets the right to weapons of mass destruction and indiscriminate killing.

Anonymous said...

I hear a lot of comments about defensive resistance. We all know that the best defense in general is a good offence. It is entirely possible that 3 percenters will target the planning and operations centers for the BAT boys and Feds. when the confiscation and killing of American Citizens whose only offense is to insist on their rights as recognized by the U.S.constitution