Thursday, December 18, 2008

"He doesn’t just seek to govern, he means to rule."


Although I must confess I have paid little attention to it, the homosexual activists are up in arms about President-for-life Baby Doc Obama's invitation to Pastor Rick Warren to give the invocation at BHO's coronation, er, I mean inauguration. If interested, you may find details here and here.

Very busy doing other things at the moment, this was unworthy of my comment until Dr. Enigma forwarded me this link.

In an essay on the Nashville Post's blog, one "Kleinheider" writes under the headline "Explaining Obama Inaugural Invocation Rickroll."

So you were expecting a Unitarian Universalist? A woman from some enlightened liberal mainline denomination, perhaps?

For all those upset about Barack Obama picking evangelical pastor Rick Warren to do the inaugural invocation, I have two questions.

One, who exactly did you think we elected President of the United States?

And two, what about the election results leads you to believe that Barack Obama will be looking to satiate your every liberal longing?

First things first, Barack Obama is nothing if not a politician. He may have run as a revolutionary, fresh-faced change agent but he didn’t get where he is by being stupid or naive. He did not get where he is by kowtowing to some narrow liberal ideology. He got where he is by surveying the landscape looking for an in and then proceeding to do what was necessary to stay in.

Now this is a point I have made in private for some time. Like his fellow narcissist Adolf Hitler, Obama will use one interest group after another to get where he needs to go, like stepping from floating log to floating log to get to his destination (can we say 'destiny?'), on the other side. Hitler used the Brown shirts, then the businessmen, the Nationalists, the generals, all in their turn, each time leaving them thinking, "we've got him under our thumb." He did this all the way to Goetterdammerung.

But it is another statement further down the page that Dr. Enigma drew my attention to.

Obama is not a man looking to just get by politically. His 50 state strategy proved that. HE DOESN'T JUST SEEK TO GOVERN, HE MEANS TO RULE. (Emphasis supplied, MBV) To do that, he needs not only his base but the support of those who either did not or reluctantly pushed that button for him. He needs his opposition marginalized and declawed. This choice does all that symbolically while in real terms does nothing to change policy. It changes only perception.




There's that little four-letter word again, the one that first surfaced at the opening of the first debate when Jim Lehrer, talking head commissar of government television, asked the candidates how they would "rule."

"He doesn’t just seek to govern, he means to rule."

Well, that's nice to know.

But here's the deal. To rule ME he has to have my acquiescence. I not only refuse to give it, but I suggest that ole "Pastor Rick" take the subject of his invocation from "Blazing Saddles."

Reverend Johnson: "We will now read from Matthew, Mark, Luke..."

[stick of dynamite sails in through window]

Reverend Johnson: ... "and DUCK!"

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jon said...

that would figure.

"keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."