Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More on Holder: "Single Bullet Arlen" to the "Rescue"

Go to Pete's Western Rifle Shooters Association blog here and read his post updating the fight against the Holder nomination. He has an excellent template for a letter to your own Senator(s) about this law-breaking collectivist puke that Obama wants to thrust into the Number One Cop spot.

On a more cautionary note, it seems that Arlen Spector, GOP senator from Pennsylvania (note I do not call him "Republican" for that would be a profanation of that word), is jumping in to lead the "fight" against Holder.

I qualify the term "fight" because I remember too well the questions that Spector, who first came to public attention during the Warren Commission investigation of the Kennedy assassination by advancing the "single bullet theory", refused to ask during the Waco and Ruby Ridge hearings. If you are waiting for Single Bullet Arlen to ask the ultimately tough questions necessary to derail Holder's nomination you are trusting in hope over experience.

We'd better pray that Larry Pratt at GOA is able to find a senator on the Judiciary Committee who can ask those questions, because history shows that Spector will let us down.

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