Monday, December 22, 2008

The Men Behind the Wire: Olofson Update.

Armoured cars and tanks and guns
Came to take away our sons
But every man must stand behind
The men behind the wire

"A True Soldier"


Everyone knows how tough it is to be away from loved ones at Christmas. How much tougher is it to be forcibly kept away from your family and everything else you hold dear -- imprisoned by a lying, law-breaking tyrannical agency on false charges? That is where David Olofson finds himself this Christmas.

I have this update on David from Larry Pratt:

"David is tough and seems to be holding up well. He is a true soldier, and not one who thinks that all he has to do is 'follow orders.' The Relief Fund is OK, but some have had to drop off. Right now, that has only slowed our ability to prepay on the car loan. The trend will eventually be negative regarding monthly payments. If you were to mention this need in your communications, the place for folks to go is: It is set up to let folks agree to have their credit card hit once a month at $10, $20 or $25. Whenever they must drop off, a call to GOA takes care of the need."

I know times are tough. They're going to get tougher. How much tougher are they for men behind the wire like David Olofson and Wayne Fincher? How about their families? I'll make it easy, here's the link.

One more thing. If you're not a member of GOA yet for whatever reason, then just send them an anonymous donation. You think the NRA would do what they're doing? In a Fudd's dreams.



CCK said...

Mr. Codrea gave me a link for Mr. Fincher as well.
It can be found at


Anonymous said...

Thanks. Three Percenters take note.

Anonymous said...

While listening to the usual media blather the other day it occured to me that David is charged with a Federal offense and so ought to be eligible for a pardon from President Bush. Would seem to be an ideal candidate, no criminal intent, simple mechanical malfunction. On the other hand, we really need to have this miscarriage of justice overturned on appeal, not swept under the rug by fiat.
So I'm torn. I'd do anything to clear David and return him exonerated to his family, but would a pardon just muddy the already opaque waters?
Mike, any others have your own thoughts?

David Codrea said...

I'll weigh in on the pardon, since I looked at it in re Wayne Fincher.

There's a process with a form and rules and's not just a letter asking.

In a nutshell, all judicial means must have been exhausted and the candidate must do a Galileo recantation:

"No petition for commutation of sentence, including remission of fine, should be filed if other forms of judicial or administrative relief are available,"

and the victims also need express what the feds like to call "Acceptance of responsibility, remorse, and atonement."

In other words, you need to confess and admit they broke you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you David C. I was afraid it was something like that.
So David O. needs to tough it out and count on being vindicated in appeal.
It did inspire me to head over to GOA and send the Olofson family fund a little something extra for the season.