Thursday, December 11, 2008

Last Belch from the Dead Corpse of a Discussion

I have been taken to task by "Texas Resistance" over on AWRM for violating the privacy of the Internet in my effort to avert potential disaster in the state of my birth. Here is his complaint, and my reply.

TR sez: "Dutchman6, it is not right for you to post private e-mails to public forums such as AWRM or to any public forum. All you did was cause trouble for Hutaree. You need to let Hutaree run their group as they see fit and spend your time on your own group if you have one."

I was wondering when somebody would gripe about this. No good deed goes unpunished.

TR is right, both the initial Hutaree email indicating the leader is reacting to the ATF probe by running in circles like a headless chicken and the SMVM discussion (where they chat about talking to the Fibbies about Hutaree) were posted with the expectation of privacy. However, there is NO privacy on the Internet. Anyone who expects there to be is wishing for what never was. That's why I've always wondered why anyone uses an "anonymous" moniker.

You may speculate about how and from whom I got those emails/posts, but I will not tell you. Maybe I have an ENIGMA machine. I will tell you WHY I was motivated to do so.

Because, first, I was asked to help avert what looked like a needless confrontation in which some people could get killed and others could get pulled into. And second, because I could not get a timely response to my request for information from the Hutaree and needed to know what was happening.

If the poor babies of Hutaree and SMVM don't like being outed for the fools they have been, they should grow up, start using their brains and quit writing checks with their mouths that they expect other people to cash with their lives.

As for discomfitting the ATF, putting them off their game and letting them know that they're not dealing simply with some easy marks in Michigan, neither the Hutaree nor the SMVM need thank me.

I was born in Michigan and still have relatives in the remnants of the Michigan Militia up there. I call myself an Alabama wolverine these days. Let's just say I did it for the collective reputation of all Wolverines everywhere.

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Anonymous said...

I had a very minor run in with hutaree in mark koernkes chatroom, over my oppinion of hi-point pistols. I said they are junk, he took offense to that.
Hutaree has a U tube channel. Go watch hutaree 3.
If this is disinformation or comedy it's wonderful.
If it isn't it's a joke. I think there is a large and fragile
ego, that leaves little room to be questioned.