Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rumor Control: 7th SFG move to Florida


The 7th Special Forces Group, whose AO is South America, is being transferred lock, stock and barrel to Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. This prompted some speculation that reached me by email and so I checked into it.

Nothing conspiratorial and it makes perfect sense according to Army logic. As explained to me, BRAC (Base Realignment and Closing)and a very real need for training time is responsible.

BRAC equals spending money for (perceived) future operating capabilities and cost efficiencies. BRAC always involves significant up front costs; sometimes the long-term operating costs actually do save money; mostly BRAC involves revising stationing for operational requirements, justified by the (perceived) future cost savings (the only way to 'sell' the idea to the Pentagon bean-counters).

In this case, it is very likely a move based upon inadequate training facilities vicinity Fort Bragg: four brigades of the 82nd,XVIII ABN Corps separate brigades, Delta (OK, the organization that everybody calls 'Delta' but isn't really), and the JFK Special Warfare Training Center => not enough training space....

Easiest organization/function to move is the operational SF Group.

Remember, and I have harped on this repeatedly before, the United States Army is NOT the enemy of the armed citizenry. Take not counsel of your fears -- or of some shortwave "intelligence report" synaptic fart.


Loren said...

I've often been told that the spec ops community would be among the first to join our side of the conflict. Take that for what it's worth.

jon said...

if anything, the enemies would be the assholes who keep sending these guys around the world to do stuff which doesn't quite have the appropriate defense-of-the-republic intent behind it.

so, derive whatever "keep the patriots out of the country, dying abroad" conspiracy theories you might like. for my part, i'm pretty sure they enjoy and believe in what they do -- good enough. in the event of an... eventuality... we certainly won't have to worry about them finding a way home.

now, if you were thinking in that direction, it might not be too unreasonable to prepare your homestead as a link in a hypothetical logistics chain yet to come.

uncle sam certainly isn't going to let them bitterly cling to their... patrol rifles.

CorbinKale said...

During the Clinton years, there was much discussion about what we would do if ordered to confiscate arms or fire on US citizens. The consensus was that we would not obey such orders. It seems like a good idea to raise this issue again.

Anonymous said...

Related to CorbinKale's comment: During the Clinton years, there was also a publication called, "The Resister - The Newspaper of the Special Forces Underground" around for a few years.

It validated what CorbinKale said quite eloquently. Also, interestingly enough, "The Resister's" line in the sand was not the 2A....it was the 1st Amendment: They stated in a couple articles that when the ability to freely disagree with or oppose the government with speech was outlawed, the "line" had been crossed.

Does anyone else remember that publication?

Anonymous said...

Why do I keep thinking of the Legions returning to Rome from her colonies?

Anonymous said...

"Does anyone else remember that publication?"

I do, and I remember being very encouraged about the dedication to liberty by ex- and then-present members of the various special forces. I wondered then if perhaps the whole thing was an elaborate ruse to get the names of potential troublemakers by the FBI or another agency, but came to the conclusion that it was what it appeared on its face.

Here's one of the issues: http://www.totse.com/en/politics/right_to_keep_and_bear_arms/resist12.html

I never subscribed (it was all done via anonymous P.O. boxes and money orders, as I recall), and only heard about it after the thing stopped being published.

I think that it'd be a wonderful addition to the literature of the 3%ers if we could somehow obtain all of the issues and post them to the site.