Friday, December 26, 2008

"Growing gun & violence trend"

“It clearly shows the caliber of criminals is getting more brazen, more violent,” said John Rivera, president of Miami-Dade County’s Police Benevolent Association, the police union. From the region’s top police officials to prosecutors and public defenders, there is growing unease about the shoot-first mind-set that has infected criminals in South Florida and across the nation. “There seems to be an indiscriminate, callous disregard for human life that is shocking and stunning,” said Public Defender Howard Finkelstein. “It’s almost that they believe violence is a respectable way to resolve conflicts.” . . . "[Prison] is not a deterrent anymore,” Lamberti said. ‘These [Dunkin’ Donuts robbers] weren’t upset because they couldn’t pay their rent or their 401(k)s went down. These are just cold-blooded thugs.”

The Tactical Life blog has this article from the Miami Times wherein the cops warn us that criminals are getting more violent and senseless in their rampages. Beyond mostly clucking their tongues at the problem that they seem to despair of solution, one of the things the cops claim will help is, you guessed it, disarming us -- stripping citizens of semi-automatic rifles of military utility. As in this quote:

Like Lamberti, Miami Police Chief John Timoney has noticed a change in the criminal mind-set. Timoney blames the trend on the proliferation of assault weapons on the streets. Whether people with homicidal tendencies seek out such firepower or the weapons trigger an aggressive response in those who hold them, Timoney said the constant factor is AK-47-style weapons, which he would like to see banned. “These are weapons of war,” Timoney said. “They have nothing to do with protection.”

Uh, huh. Pardon me, but the hell they don't. My "evil assault weapon" protects me from the criminals on my street (who give me a wide berth) and from predatory government officials, including (not to put too fine a point on it) one John Timoney, "Only One" Police Chief of Miami.


Sean said...

Yup. When the idiots who THINK they're running things have a collapsing economy, 12 M illegal aliens, 1 M violent felons, and that unexpected natural disaster all combine for the perfect storm, with a little help from our enemies, has overwhelmed their "paradigm" , they'll sit in their hardened "command centers". And we'll still be here, taking the brunt of it.Hey, they never really cared. If we're at room temperature, and not using valuable resources, all the better for the "only ones". What they really want, is no competition for power and resources, so our guns have to go. Which means they never viewed us as anything but useful sheep, good for wool and mutton and lanolin, for keeping the grass trimmed. I ain't no sheep, nor sheepdog, nor wolf. I'm a man. And them and their bureaucrats, and only ones, and legislatures, and presidents, and justices, can all kiss my hairy a-hole. When you come for my stuff, don't be suprised when I'm not there, and by the by, watch your six, lickspittle.

Anonymous said...

"the weapons trigger an aggressive response in those who hold them, Timoney said the constant factor is AK-47-style weapons"

So this man seriously just said that AK-47's have evil mind control powers that affect their owners? I guess it's a good thing that mine 'fell in the lake' when I was fishing last summer. In fact I lost a whole bunch of guns in that 'boating accident'.