Saturday, December 13, 2008


My thanks to Billy Beck for bringing this to my attention:


Sometimes events occur which signal changes of major significance for society as a whole, but the events which cause the change are not recognized as such until after the fact. I am not saying that a bomb, found outside a bank in Oregon, which explodes killing a police officer signals a seismic shift in individuals’ attitudes. What I am saying is that current economic conditions, coupled with increasing government interference and meddling in not only economic markets but individual lives, is quite possibly leading to a period of violent actions against the government, and, more noteworthy, businesses and individuals which are feeding at the government’s tit at the expense of productive individuals who have no truck with the state and desire none.

Bank blast kills police officer in Oregon

By BRAD CAIN – 9 hours ago

WOODBURN, Ore. (AP) — A bomb exploded inside a bank here late Friday afternoon, killing a police officer who arrived to check on a suspicious object and seriously injuring two others.

A spokesman for the Oregon State Police, Lt. Gregg Hastings, said a Woodburn police officer died. He did not identify him.

He also said the blast seriously injured the Woodburn police chief and a bomb technician with the Oregon State Police.

The police chief, Scott Russell, was in surgery at a Portland hospital late Friday, said a hospital spokeswoman. Hastings said Russell was in stable condition.

Bank President and CEO Bob Sznewajs told The Associated Press that some bank employees might have been injured by flying glass but that none was seriously hurt.

Before the detonation, a Wells Fargo Bank branch nearby got a call that was "a potential bomb threat" but police searched and found nothing, Sznewajs told The AP.

He said his bank then got a call "from an unknown person saying that we should look for one as well. We called authorities, but they looked and found nothing."

Sznewajs said one employee saw a device in the bushes near the bank and called the authorities. "We looked at it and evacuated the branch and sent people away," he said.

Authorities decided to move the device inside the branch, apparently scanned it, and then it went off, he said.

Sznewajs said he did not know if the bomb went off on its own or as a result of the technicians' investigation.

The Marion County Sheriff's Department said the device detonated at 5:24 p.m. The bank branch, which employs 3-5 people, normally closes at 6 p.m.

Sznewajs said he knew of no previous threats against the bank.

Late Friday night, federal agents were talking with security people at the bank about any information they may have, Sznewajs said.

Woodburn is an agricultural town south of Portland.