Saturday, December 20, 2008

"We fight an enemy who never sleeps."

"As our enemies work bit by bit to deconstruct, we must work bit by bit to REconstruct. Be mindful where we should be. Set goals. We fight an enemy that never sleeps. We must learn to sleep less." -- Mike H. at What McAuliffe Said

My thanks to David Codrea for drawing my attention to this piece.

Go, read, and most importantly, sleep less and prepare more. Get into the field in the Restoration War while the bullets aren't yet flying. If we are ready to fight it, maybe the other side won't show up for the ball.



Anonymous said...

Would it be wrong to demand that all forms of communism be abolished and outlawed in our country? mthead

Anonymous said...

Actually what you posted is a pretty good question: Even though communists will eventually strip us away of all our rights, should we abolish and completely ban all forms of it? Surely our opponents will be too eager to use that against us and say that we are "restricting the 1st amendment", and that won't make our republican cause look too good. We must proceed with utmost caution when it comes to such issues. After all, we are to protect the Bill of Rights, all of it, and we just have to be certain we don't step on any part of it by accident too.

But if we don't try to ban it, they might wreck havoc on us. We already seen the ugly face of collectivist regimes, the power which they use to persuade the people, the corruption, the scandals, the cocksucking, the selling of (name any Congress seats)...etc... They don't fight fair at all.

Surely this road is covered with a lot of slippery ice. Better hold the steering wheel tight and try not to look at the gas pedal too much