Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Raid Alert: Stupidity breaking out all over in Michigan

OK, folks, here is the substance of a post that I just put on AWRM. There is a group known as the Hutaree. They are attempting to get themselves raided by an ATF just looking for an excuse to justify their existence. People are probably going to get killed if some adult in federal law enforcement does not intervene.

OK, guys, here's the skinny from responsible parties in Michigan who know at least some of this score.

This group, while billing itself as nominally Christian on its website, is nonetheless mentioned approvingly on's list of white confederate militias.

(Get it, K K K, wink, wink, nod, nod, say no more)

If they are not infiltrated by at least two federal provocateurs then, a. we are not getting our tax money's worth, or b., their leadership does not meet the moron test.

For one thing, they have been waving red flags in the ATF's face, fairly screaming, "Bust me! bust me! No, me first. No me!"

They have discussed in "war planning scenarios" the killing of civilians who might be able to identify them after an operation.

Remember that we are in a danger zone that we have seen before, a new administration coming in, an ATF eager to justify their existence, and now we have morons threatening federal agents and discussing war crimes as matters of policy.

This does not meet my smell test of "righteous". I would suggest to the Hutaree, that they quit trying to provoke that which the feds are dying to perform upon them, and to look to both their internal security and their sanity.

Who do they really serve?

PS This is NOT an invitation to the ATF to raid them. I would suggest that all parties back down now, before something terminally stupid happens. Dynamic entry on an armed opponent is going to get several people killed to no purpose. Can some adult in federal law enforcement supervision intervene in this before it goes nuclear?


ReverendFranz said...

Can some adult in federal law enforcement supervision intervene in this before it goes nuclear?

I wasnt aware such a creature existed.

Anonymous said...

I wish these racist hatemongers would stop calling themselves "Confederate", or flying Confederate flags in their so called propaganda. Who the heck are they trying to fool anyway?

The Confederate flag is a flag of absolutely great historical and cultural value. I myself admire that flag. I just wish these hate folks would stop making the flag look bad. Real Confederates would have nothing to do with these hate groups.

Anonymous said...

What's in a name? Huteree sounds a lot like Hutterite