Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Sundown at Coffin Rock"


My discussion of underground target ranges below jiggled a little pessimistic memory floating between my synapses of a piece I read in the mid-90s in "The Blue Press," a catalog/magazine put out by Dillon Precision Products, Inc. of Scottsdale, AZ.

Back then, I cut and pasted Blue Press pages into a leaflet and distributed it to gunstores and other gunnie gathering places. Since then, the editor, Mark Pixler, has been kind enough to allow distribution on the Internet.

It is a cautionary tale, set in a future where we have lost. You will find it here.

Read it, and then, if you do not wish to live in that grim place, go back to getting ready for the upcoming fight.


Anonymous said...

There was also a follow-up chapter to this tale called "Sunrise at Coffin Rock", which was a more upbeat and hopeful ending to the "Sundown" chapter. This was also published in The Blue Press, though I can't say what issue it was in...

the pistolero said...

Part 2 may be found here.

Grumpyunk said...

That was painful. God forbid it ever comes to that.

Anonymous said...

I actually cried a little when I read the two parts. I am in a public computer lab, and the people sitting next to me are wondering why I have some tears trickling down my cheeks.

Thanks for posting that. Was there ever a part 3 written? I hope in Part 3, the fascists are finally granted their "earthly rewards", as the great Han Dynasty general Huo Quibin once said about the Hun army of invasion at Urumqi after the Chinese forces destroyed them in a great battle.

Anonymous said...

That was a sad and sobering commentary.

I hope and pray it never comes to pass.


Anonymous said...

"'Before you were born,' he began at last, 'this country was different. I've told you about hunting, about how everybody who obeyed the law could own guns.'"

I was half-expecting the next sentence to be:

"'...but it was far too late to do anything about it, son, when we realized that we were our own worst enemy.' The old man winced as he adjusted his leg. 'You see, there were people who didn't want other people to have guns, so they outlawed many, many regular activities that involved guns--and we didn't do a darn thing about it, because we thought those people were law-breakers--and according to our own beliefs, they shouldn't have guns.' The old man thought for a second, then added, "sonny, do you know what it means to be "Vanderboeghed"?'"

Nice piece, but someday I hope my version will be better represented among the pro-defense thinkers. It seems to me that the "pro gun" crowd is hoping that they can maintain a status quo, and be both anti-liberty and pro-defense. This is not a call to break the law, but rather a call to the "pro gun" community to think about their arguments, prune the dead limbs, and generally have a healthy answer ready for any question or accusation. I read one of WoG's linked news articles the other day, and actually witnessed some well-intentioned--however ignorant--"pro gun" commenter repeat the "enforce existing gun law" mantra, just moments after applauding that Dick Heller's case went in his favor. Well, which is it?

Anonymous said...

Also, (and I promise I'll stop commenting for a few hours) the "Tax Revolt of 1998" actually happened. Unfortunately it only involved a handful of protesters. The only one whose name is known to me is Veral Smith. They didn't kill him, but they kept throwing him in jail. This obviously makes it very difficult to pay off a debt.

The protesters are known to the IRS as "Tax Defiers", or alternately, as "Illegal Tax Protesters", where the adjective "illegal" apparently describes the noun immediately following. (Their syntax, not mine.)