Saturday, December 6, 2008

Back from the Electronic Dead: The "Suid Afrikaan Kip"


I'm not going to reproduce it here, but sashay on over to sayUncle's and you will find that in the unceasing struggle between Prag and Three Percenter, the intellectually slippery Kim du Toit, the South African emigre who presumes to tell real Americans how to think, has resurrected himself from the electronic dead (he recently closed down his website to deal with his own economic affairs) to jump in insulting, but upset about being insulted in return.

Have fun.


tom said...

I had a fight with that feller on his forums eons ago.

He advocates a battle load HE PERSONALLY would have a MI carrying out to his Suburban in the driveway, much less out maneuvering as he's a bit on the hefty and out of shape side of things.

He abandoned his Zuid-Afrika homeland when both friends and family of mine (I wasn't born there) decided to stay and fight.

His service history in the RSA forces primarily involved being in a military band playing bass.

He can say whatever he wants about you and anybody else but I wouldn't take it seriously.

Kim, if you're reading this, I'm the guy that declined you offering to send me back my money towards your son's competition arm he hopefully got after your public beg for financial aid following you banning me from your forums. I hope he continues to shoot well and makes the Olympics.

Best Regards,
That annoying guy in Hays County, Texas

FWIW: Anybody living north of the Brazos is yankees anyway, wherever they came from.

j said...

Well - FWIW, my old friend Clay Moore left a comment there, not that he expects any illumination of thought to occur.

Grumpyunk said...

It grieves me to see that the rift between these 2 groups who share the same ideals should now be widening to, what I see, as an unbridgeable gulf.

Instead of 2 arms of the same movement for freedom, what we seem to be devolving into lately is 2 groups to busy squabbling amongst ourselves to really focus our attentions on the real problem.

Sort of that "House divided can not stand" thing. By each rejecting the other, all become weaker.
The back and forth rhetoric and poor manners of all involved in the last week or so pretty much guarantees that there's not gonna be 2 groups with shared ideals combining into 1 larger and more powerful group, until some real SHTF situation is initiated by the Feds. And it may be that it will be to late then to really coordinate and be the force that it could be.

I honestly don't believe that the Feds are going to try any real confiscation of weapons anytime soon as part of a general agenda. To costly both politically and practically.
What scares me is that, with the current economic troubles, a sentinel type event, ala Katrina, will initiate an environment where they will simply look at the situation and think, "Hmm now's a good time to get back on the program." and under legal cover of Marshal Law, do whatever they want.

I may be all wet here and I'm sure you'll point out the flaws in my reasoning and rambling. That's good. My main point is that we could all be so much stronger together than we are now if we were mutually supporting and it makes me sad to see that. Just seems to play right into Chuck Shumer's hands.

PS - is there an email addy somewhere on this page for MikeV that I'm not seeing? I have a request and a question I'd like to ask. Thanks and God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

Try, Grumpyunk

Anonymous said...


Folks who are detached from reality ain't much use when things get hard.

My heart shares your desire for should-be allies to be such in fact.

My brain tells me that folks who believe the political path has any utility other than public relations are so dubious in their judgment that distance becomes the right answer.

And BTW, many of these folks will be (if they are not already) the ones doing the always-popular "do it to Julia" two-step referenced by Orwell in "1984".

Beware of the middle-roaders....they bring little and endanger much.

Anonymous said...

I like the subtle implication that he's a second class citizen because he's not natural born.

So, the only people you want on your side are natural born (and I assume white) Americans?

tom said...

It's not that he's not natural born. It's that he abandoned his home country to gun controlling communists, actually spending time protesting the non-communist and non-gun control government that preceded Mandela. I know many that stayed and fought in RSA and many that still live there.

RSA moderates who chose to "go along and get along" now can't own anything but black powder firearms for all practical purposes. It's now one of the more violent places in the world and bordering on turning into the next Zimbabwe.

Kim chose to abandon ship instead of fight. Something about skunks not changing their stripes, perhaps?

He'll say "Africa won" with the resignation that it was inevitable.

I say he jumped ship and was active in scuttling the ship he jumped off of.

Anonymous said...

"AmericanImmigrant said...
I like the subtle implication that he's a second class citizen because he's not natural born. So, the only people you want on your side are natural born (and I assume white) Americans?"

You assume, no doubt for your purpose of argument, wrongly. Anyone who has read any of my stuff for any period of time knows differently. I will assume you are ignorant of that and thus will ignore the insult.

Try here, for one:

He's not a second class citizen for being not native born, but he doesn't have the right to drop in on MY country and call MY friends names and tell US how to act and think. He opposed apartheit. Great. Then he left. I've fought the Klan and the neoNazis all my life -- at street level -- and been on the enemies list of two, soon to be three, White Houses running. I've had federal agents who wanted to kill me since the 90s. So what? This isn't about race or where you where born, it IS about where YOU will STAND in the coming fight. Mr. Chicken will not stand anywhere close to me and my friends, he has said so. So let him do what he wants. Depart may he, but not while gratuitously insulting us as he does so.

tom said...


In my mind there would also have been the path to oppose apartheid without supporting socialist/extremist/terrorist organizations such as the ANC who ended up just oppressing different people in different ways.

None of my comments had anything to do with race.

It wasn't just a "black and white" issue".

Earlier in his life, he did his best to become "english" rather than the Afrikaaner he was born, because it was easier to get along in universities and some parts of society. He's said as much himself.

Who's to say he won't decide that going along with "reasonable gun control" is in his best interests and will make it easier for him and his family to get along in the world?

That was where I was going, nothing to do with race.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but it's not "your" country any more than it's "his" country.

I mean, unless you're a direct descendant of the Navajo or something, we're all immigrants at one time or another.

Anonymous said...

Here's how I define it.

If I die for it, and I will, its my country.

If he runs from it, and he will, it ain't his country.

Clear enough?

Anonymous said...

Well, since he ran from South Africa and to America, I'd say that America is quite certainly "his" country, just as much as it is yours.

Anonymous said...

Based on his comments, he'll run again. So America ain't his country so much as his post office box. I'm sure he'll leave a forwarding address when push comes to shove. Whereas you can forward my mail to the LaGrange Mountain graveyard. Or, you know, I wouldn't mind being buried in a plot near Chris Sheats, right down the mountain from Battleground. You could even use the same epitaph. I always thought it was the best one I'd ever read.

"I have served, my country, my God and my kind, and I want no praise of song or prose."

He's a kip.

tom said...

He has a strong anglophile streak. He'll likely run to England next if not NZ.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe I found this thread by accident and saw people discussing the infamous Kim Du Toit.

I met Kim at Collin College in Plano a couple of years ago. I have never met someone so full of self-importance without reason.

We had a couple of classes together, and I was amazed at what a narcissistic gasbag this guy was. I can't count the number of times he uttered the phrase "I played bass in a rock band for ten years." I asked him the name of the band one time. I looked it up and found nothing.

Fortunately, we had a prof who called him on his bullshit more than once. He kept talking about he was a "professional writer." Turns out KDT just self-published a bunch of crap no one reads. Sorry, bub, but professional writers, you know, are professional.

It's so funny how he paints himself as the embodiment of manhood and self-reliance, yet has a website page set up to beg for money (

He's a sad, fat joke.

Plano, TX