Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Billy Beck Views the World

Folks, if you haven't been reading Billy Beck's blog, http://www.two--four.net/weblog.php, you've been missing out. For example, where else would you find this Chris Matthews' quote highlighted?

"Well, I think that now that we've discovered that the auto industry is a national treasure, we have to keep it alive for national purposes -- not for profit purposes -- but for national purposes. Those companies have a responsibility to start producing cars in the national interest."

"Producing cars IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST?" I know that Der Schwarzfuhrer made this MSNBC puke's leg tingle without a grope, but COME ON. Scratch a liberal, get a fascist.

Billy's response on the auto "bailout" is a classic:

Things will start to get better when the last indignant buggy-whip maker is strangled with the entrails of the last commissar.


jon said...

i didn't realize the N in "MSNBC" was for "nazi."

Anonymous said...

I guess the Auto Unification Plan will come after the Banker Unification Plan and before the Railroad Unification Plan and the Steel Unification Plan. Ayn Rand was a prophet.