Sunday, November 30, 2014

Well, well. My old communist buddies raise their ugly heads in Ferguson.

Long-time readers will recall some of my reminiscences of the time in my life that I now call "My Benedict Arnold Period." Others may recall my talk on the same subject here.
Well, it seems that as no idea, good or evil, ever truly dies, and useful idiots are grown for every generation, you can once again meet one of the public faces of the killer tomatoes of the Progressive Labor Party.
The poster asks: "When will the black community realize they’re being used as tools by Marxist and communist organizers?" Hey, the PLP has been playing this card for decades now. Don't expect them to quit anytime soon. As far as the useful idiots in the black community, well, as Mrs. Gump always said, "Stupid is as stupid does."


Anonymous said...

the intelligent ones know who is behind it. They try to explain to other blacks whose behind it. But ignorance (actually stupidity) knows no race boundary's. In prison a few guards control thousands of prisoners because they're busy fighting each other along the lines of race. The globalists have fomented wars in multi-ethnic regions like former Yugoslavia along race lines. Until people grow a brain and stop acting like a played chumps they will keep getting away with it.

Son of Sam Adams said...

We have our Ferguson-like situation developing in Cleveland, and the Pee Dealer said that one of the protests thereon was sponsored by "Revolution Books", the storefront of the Bob Avakian/RCP cell in Cleveland Heights.